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13 Businesses You Can Start with a Van

A van can equate money if seen in the right way. However, lots of people dislike it because they do not know how important a van can be and how much money a van can make for you. If you are in that shoe, I am on course to disabuse your mind about the benefit of owning a van. In this post, I will share with you some ways you can use a van to earn a steady income. Here’s how you can do it:

How to Get Started as a Model in Port Harcourt by Myze Modelling and Ushering Agency

08036532254 Your dream as a beautiful lady or handsome guy is for you to get into the modeling or Ushering industry. You may, however, have a challenge of not knowing what is required of you. Hence, the essence of this post. This post outlines a general guideline for those who intend to get into the modelling a day Ushering  industry; especially if you are based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. While the target audience is for does who are based in Port Harcourt, the post is useful for anyone who intends to get into the modelling industry anywhere in the world. Before getting into the industry you need to know: 1. What the required height is Note that the height requirement differs for men or women For example, the ladies should be at least 5ft 8ins tall (1.73cm) while the male model should be at least 6ft tall (1.83cm) with a chest size of 40 and an inside leg of 33inch (84cm). This requirement is especially true for those whose desire is to become a runway mod

Dry Cleaning Business: Make Money Above Your Competitors.

The secret to making money from dry cleaning is to know what your customers are thinking, and to provide them with the solution. Secondly, it is for you to wow your customers above expectation by answering the question they themselves could not phantom -questions which when solved will make them consider you as wizards of the business. When you are able to do this consistently over time you are sure to win lots of customers. How To Win Customers in Your Dry Cleaning Business

How To Market and Make Money Distributing Water Purifiers in Nigeria

Don't waste your time reading this if you damn think your bank is flowing with such money that you are made for life. However, if you desire to step out the slow lane and step into the fast lane. If you know what it takes to connect with distributors that can market this tablet and wipe away your tears then it's time to read on. How To Make 100% Certain You Gain Access to the Water Purifier for the Poor and Make “Serious Money” in 2018. Dear Reader, Are you already settled for life? If no, then be ready to increase your cash reserve like never before. Here is why: I must tell you we live in an uncertain time. Our crude oil has lost its value. The prize of water has skyrocketed to #170 per bag. Who knows? By this time next year, it may become better or it could be damn worse. The issue is we don’t know which, except if God decides to pull us out of the brink and opens the dark cloud covering the soul of Nigeria. I am sure you all can feel the bit

24 Simple Business Ideas For Small Town and Villages That Requires (Small Capital) in 2017

Flickr: Living in a rural area or small town isn't a death sentence to making money.In fact, lots of opportunities abound if only you think deeply. However in this post, I have decided to solve the thinking part for you. At the end of this post, what will be left to do is for you to take up the gauntlet and start the business of your dream in 2017. Just know that what I am going to share may shock you!!! Because, you would wonder why you hadn't thought about tapping into such an awesome opportunity. 24 Small Business Ideas for Small Towns, Villages and Rural Areas