13 Businesses You Can Start with a Van

hot business you can start with a van

A van can equate money if seen in the right way. However, lots of people dislike it because they do not know how important a van can be and how much money a van can make for you.

If you are in that shoe, I am on course to disabuse your mind about the benefit of owning a van. In this post, I will share with you some ways you can use a van to earn a steady income.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Provide Courier Services

I am sure you have seen Konga courier service using a van to deliver items from one point to another. If you want to start a courier service it is nice for you to know the various types of courier services.

Types of Courier Service

There are several ways to classify courier services. One way to classify it is  based on location.
Courier Service Classification based on Location

I. Intra-State Courier Service

You can start an intrastate courier business with a single van. Another advantage is it is easier to get an intrastate license compared to an interstate license. With Courage, determination and hard work, you will easily get to the zenith. Starting an intrastate courier service can fetch you your livelihood because people need to get their packages delivered from place to another.

II. International Courier Service

This type of courier service is not suitable for small-scale operators as huge finance will be required to for you to get started. Also, getting the required license to the various countries destination is something difficult. Also existing competitors in the market will make it difficult to get started.

III. Inter-State Courier Services

If you have a good amount of savings, this easier to execute. It is easier to get the necessary information and license to run such a business in your country. However, for someone with little start-up capital, interstate courier service won’ be a viable option. Especially if you can only able to put one vehicle on the road.

Courier Service can also be classified based on timing.

Types of Courier Services Based on Timing

I. Overnight Courier Services

This service as the name implies means delivery of your item during the night. The items can be packaged during the day and then transported to the central sorting for onward delivery to your destination. The service rate is more expensive than standard shipping. An owner with few van can engage in this service.

II. Standard Courier Service

It is similar to the overnight courier service. The difference is that your goods get delivered in a few days’ time. Online shop  like Jumia and Konga currently run this service. It is cheaper than the overnight courier service.

III. Same Day Service Delivery

As the name implies, goods are usually delivered on the same day. The service charge is higher than the other two services. Some firm may offer this service for free depending on the location. Firms that offer this service for free are usually online shops and can easily incorporate the cost into the items they sell. Same day service delivery cater for goods that are fragile in nature or have a short shelf life such vegetables.


2. Start a Van Rental Company

If you have a relatively huge start-up capital, you can set up a van rental company. The business has the potential for growth as there are lots of people who may need to hire your van for a specific purpose. Also, event management firms may decide to hire your van for drink or food delivery.
To get clients:

• setup a website to showcase your service
• use free website listing to advertise your services
• advertise your service on vehicles
• reach out to event firms and tell them of your services
• advertise on radios

3. Offer Waste Removal Services

If you have several rental houses around your location, validate your business idea by reaching out to them to find out if they will like to have your van company haul their waste for them. Before diving into the business, envisage your strength and sell the idea to them. You can also offer them a questionnaire on the challenges they face. To reach out to various neighbourhoods a random survey sampling may be useful and less stressful.

The aim of the survey or questionnaire is to give you an edge over your competitors. This way you can easily enter the market and dominate your location if you are committed to excellent service delivery.

4. Establish a Cooling Van Busines

Parties occur every weekend, and people desire the services of a cooling-van to cool their drinks. Your cooling-van is therefore of great importance to them. You, however, need people to know you offer this service. This is why excellent service delivery is important because this business runs mostly on referrals. If a previous customer is satisfied with your service –s/he will most likely recommend you to their friends.

You should also create an online presence and do ads from time to time in order to position your business in the mind of people. To make you cooling van stand out design is important. Crafting an eye-catching design and placing it on the van can be a source of new clients to you especially if you met or exceeded customer expectation

5. Boot Sales

If you have a van but do not have a shop, boot sales can be an avenue to earn money. You, however, need to consider what item to sell. By moving from one point to another you can make good cash for yourself. You, however, need to find out if your locality allows for blaring of loudspeakers to call the attention of customers.

6. Set Up an In-house Delivery Business

If you’re a baker, you can decide to purchase your own van to deliver goods to your clients in different locations. This is relatively cheaper than consulting the service of a courier.  Adopting courier companies on a large scale enhances the delivery process.

7. Provide Taxi Services

Get a license and offer taxi services to people. You can customize your offer. Just think outside the box to set yourself apart from your competitors. You can lift passengers from the airport. Just know the requirement.

8. Drive Tourist

If you stay in a place frequented by tourist you can offer passenger van transport to local and foreign tourist for various destinations/tourist spots.

Ensure the passenger vans are duly registered so as to avoid Philippine Government to avoid inconvenience or delays caused by checks by transport authorities. Also, ensure your vans are regularly checked and maintained to avoid man-made errors and loss life.

9. Drive People to Their Appointments

Depending on the kind of function, you can be asked to provide transportation service for people.
In order to stand out, do the following:

Figure out where passengers are going.
Ask for directions or determine directions on GPS.

• Use knowledge of local streets and traffic patterns to avoid heavy traffic.
• Vacuum and clean interior of the cab.
• Turn on and off meter.
• Ensure your van is clean always
• Wax and wash the exterior of the car.
• Service car and determine if repairs are needed.
• Get oil changed and fluids checked regularly.
• Attending medical appointments can be difficult, particularly for elderly people. With your van, you can make this easier for them.

10. Deliver Organic Food to Homes in Your Area

You can partner with an online shop to deliver the items to their customers.

11.. Train People on How to Drive

There are people out there who want to learn how to drive. You can use your van for this purpose. Understand that you need to be careful.

12. Have Businesses Advertise On Your Van

Your van can be a source of income. Reach out to small businesses and advertise them on your van for a fee.

13. Provide Mobile Photography Services

If you are a person who loves to capture memories- then photography is a good bet for you. You can move your van around while offering this service


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