Dry Cleaning Business: Make Money Above Your Competitors.

The secret to making money from dry cleaning is to know what your customers are thinking, and to provide them with the solution. Secondly, it is for you to wow your customers above expectation by answering the question they themselves could not phantom -questions which when solved will make them consider you as wizards of the business.

When you are able to do this consistently over time you are sure to win lots of customers.

How To Win Customers in Your Dry Cleaning Business

1. Make it Easy for Your Customers to Confess their Stains

Create a checklist which you should issue to your customers as they work into your outfit. The checklist should include a list of possible stains and space for stains you can’t remember. By creating a list like this, you make your job easy as it will help you do a better job.

2. Ask Your Customer The Nature of Garment Being Dropped

This should be included in a checklist.

Don’t feel shy making this request. Some people feel that asking this question shows they aren’t professionals –this is far from the truth.

By asking your customers this questions you will be able to provide the best service to them in the shortest possible time. However, screen the information provided. You are the professional and should know what kind of garment has been given to you.

3. Suggest to Your Customers To Bring in Matching Piece of Items

In the desire to save money, many customers may only dry clean one piece of a suit. This isn’t best practice. They may not be aware of this fact, so telling them the dangers of doing this is a way to increase your income.
What to tell them.
Inform them that more frequently dry-cleaned outfit will fade in comparison to the other matching piece.

4. Tell them of The Dangers in Keeping Their Clothes in Plastic Bags

As a dry cleaner, you know that the reason you put the clothes in plastic bags is to keep them dust free. While this is useful for transporting the clothes home, keeping them in this bags for a long time is not good -as it can lead yellowing of garments and spotting of the garment. So advise your customers on the best way to keep their clothes and they will shout your awesomeness to the roof top.

5. Respond to every Bad Review Professionally.

As a dry cleaner, you may encounter customers who may not be patient enough to share any perceived bad service to you. These customers though impatient, can easily share their angst on social media. It is, therefore, imperative to treat your response on social media with tact or you may end up shooting yourself in the foot.

6. Maintain Proper Records

Ensure you provide your customer with a receipt that gives them the opportunity to list the items being dropped with you alongside a description of the item. If you can afford it install a camera. This will help you to easily deal with the  issue in case of conflict.

7. Build a Relationship

The essence of every business apart from profit is making your customer happy. And for you to achieve this, it’s important you treat your customer with care. Start up a conversation with them, learn their names and ask them about family. These subtle things when done can convert a first timer to a repeated customer. It will also make it easy to deal with them in cases where crises may arise –for example in situations where a customer's item gets missing.

8. Offer Replacement Policy

Clients like to know if you have a compensation policy in place. Putting a compensation policy in place will help you win new customers. But be careful about what you include so that you don’t end up shooting yourself in the foot.

9. Be Clear About Your Pricing

Be clear to your customers what you will charge. Take note of their email and phone number so you can share new information to them.

10. Train Other Member of Staff

It is important you train your staff. Doing so will  prepare you for situations where you are confronted by clients who may want to question your profession.


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