How to Get Started as a Model in Port Harcourt by Myze Modelling and Ushering Agency

How to Become a model in port harcourt

Your dream as a beautiful lady or handsome guy is for you to get into the modeling or Ushering industry. You may, however, have a challenge of not knowing what is required of you. Hence, the essence of this post. This post outlines a general guideline for those who intend to get into the modelling a day Ushering  industry; especially if you are based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

While the target audience is for does who are based in Port Harcourt, the post is useful for anyone who intends to get into the modelling industry anywhere in the world.
Before getting into the industry you need to know:

1. What the required height is

Note that the height requirement differs for men or women

For example, the ladies should be at least 5ft 8ins tall (1.73cm) while the male model should be at least 6ft tall (1.83cm) with a chest size of 40 and an inside leg of 33inch (84cm). This requirement is especially true for those whose desire is to become a runway model.

2. What is the other requirement?

Apart from your height and size, there is a need for you to be intelligent, confident, resourceful and reliable. While any model course you decide to run, may teach you how to be confident, you  need to go out of your way to be intelligent. This is why I advocate that you take reading  seriously if you want to get into the model industry. If your desire is to win a pageant, you need to know that you can’t get there just by your beauty. You need to know that it requires you setting out time to read.

3. Your Mindset Matters

Many people who decide they want to get into the modeling industry understand that modeling is glamorous and can be lucrative. This is, however, just a side of the industry. You need to know that the fashion modeling industry is also filled with rejection. So having the right mindset in the midst of this seeming challenges will help you get far in the industry.

4. Be healthy inside

The problem most wannabe models have is the lack of knowledge. They feel that for one to succeed in the industry, all you need to do is to focus on being slim. This is definitely far from the truth.

As a model you need to:

  • Take in healthy foods. Fruits, whole grains, and vegetables should be part of your regimen. Refined sugar should be limited from your diet. This way your skin will glow from inside to the outside.
  • Do adequate exercise
  • Take lots of water to help keep your system clean

5. Maintain your appearance

Using the right kind of soap and cream is important, this means that you have to know your kind of skin so that you can apply the right type of cream.

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6. Your size shouldn’t shut you of the industry completely

There are organizations that require different kinds of model, so knowing your size type will enable to you set concrete career goals.

Types of Models

i. A plus size model

This is if you are on a big side and you have a curvaceous body. Understand that having good self-esteem is important if you want success out of the industry.

ii. Runway model

The description I gave earlier is for that of the runway model. You need to be tall and quite slim.

iii. Print Model

Since you will be appearing on print, you don’t have to be very tall. A size of 5’7 is okay. The most important requirement is having a beautiful face.

iv. Underwear model

Other Model Types

i. Promotional Models

This model type is usually hired to help drive consumer demand for a service, or brand by interacting with customers directly. These models are generally conventionally attractive and work at making a product or service more appealing source:

Some people confuse promotional model as brand ambassadors - they are a bit different.
The rule is that all promotional model are brand ambassadors, but not all brand ambassadors are promotional models.

ii. Spokes Model defines spokesmodel as an attractive or otherwise appealing person who is hired to speak on behalf of a company or product, as in a commercial.

For you to be a spokes model for a company you are expected to:

1. Have excellent public speaking skills

This is because companies look out for verbal as well as visual appeal. To beat the competition you need to engage in public speaking activities. You can organize seminars for school children, or in your local church. This opportunity should be well utilized as it will enable you build up your confidence level as well as make it easier for you to beat the competition.

2. Create an amazing portfolio

Getting amazing photographs to adorn your portfolio may be expensive especially if you are a new entrant. You can, however, talk to professional photographers and offer them the right to use your images in their portfolio. Remember your pictures speak a lot about you. Investing in quality pictures is a necessity if you desire to get to the top of the industry.

3. Contact Modelling Agencies

These agencies will help connect you to organizations that need your service, one of such modelling agency in Port Harcourt is Myze Modelling agency. They also have an academy if you desire to get started as a model in Port Harcourt. You can reach them: 08036532254

4. Professionalism is a must

When starting out, your focus should be to give your best. After you’ve started, your focus should be to give your best. Doing this will enable you to stay long in the industry.

iii. Trade Show Model

These models are usually hired by companies or brands to advertise to trade show attendees at a tent or booth. These models are freelance models
To get into the industry you need:

1. Professional photos which are business-like in nature

2. You may also be required to shoot video presentation to show your confidence level. Video presentation when done in a proper way, can give you an edge. Your presentation should usually be done in a business suit.

3. Models should keep records of any marketing or promotional activities they have engaged in the past. This will help strengthen their portfolio

4. Wear a friendly disposition and learn fast as you will need to know the products of the company and how to pitch a product/service within 30sec.

iv. Fitness.

These are athletic models. This kind of models represents sport-manufacturers or energy-drink companies.

v. Fit.

These models are always behind the scenes. They help the designers and manufacturers in the process of creation (making sure the size, and fit are maintained, etc.).

According to Wikipedia A fit model is is a person who is used by a fashion designer or clothing manufacturer to check the fit, drape and visual appearance of a design on a 'real' human being, effectively acting as a live mannequin.

A person is selected to work as a fitting model primarily on criteria matching the desired measurement specifications of the designer or manufacturer. These specifications generally consist of height, bust-waist-hip circumference, arm and leg length, shoulder width, and any other measurement as indicated by the garment type.

vi. Petite models

They are usually ladies and they model for specific body parts. For example, for jewelry, shoes, nails, gloves, and so on.

7. Consult Your Agent Before Signing Any form

It is possible for you to get a job without going the route of a modelling agent. This can, however, be difficult to accomplish. If you eventually decide to do it on your own, be sure to read properly any form you are offered  before appending your signature.


- Ensure you scrutinize  the contract with any agency before you put pen to paper. This is because most agencies may not have your best interest at heart.

- Do not be in a hurry to go for jobs in another country. Do diligent check online about the agency and make sure you have your return ticket ready before travelling. This because while a job may be legitimate. You may be asked to do jobs you do not feel comfortable with.

- Don't be over enthusiastic if you are contacted for a photo shoot. This is especially true if you meet the photographer online. When going, ensure a chaperone accompanies you. This is for safety sake so that you don't become a statistic.

- Before consenting to the use of your photo by a photographer, be careful of the clause written in tiny letters. This is to protect you so that you can use your intellectual property as at when due.

- Be careful of the photo studio you go to, as some maybe scam studios that can eventually use your photos for blackmail purpose. For this reason, I hate nude modelling. I feel it debases a lady, even if she herself feels comfortable about it.

- Do background checks on an intending photographer or agency or even the client you intend to work for. A simple online check could save you from getting into wrong hands. Find out other agencies they have worked with before.

- This career has been known to cause women long term health problem like anorexia. The glamour and prestige that come with modelling aren't worth destroying your health for. Once you feel you have started developing unhealthy eating habit pattern, please speak to a health professional. Doing this can save your life.

- You may be asked to do some professional training before you are allowed to work. However, this depends on your resume/portfolio. If you have done a previous training tell them so. Show them your portfolio as a proof. If they insist on training you if you have a rich portfolio then they are most likely scam agencies

- Note that you will be paid based on commission. So firm that demands upfront fees for a job should be discarded by you. You pay such money at your peril.

- The training you should get should teach you how to communicate very well, and build your confidence level, and how you should walk in heels. To determine the legitimacy of the agency, you should ask other trainees of the agency to find out if the training will be worth it.


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