How To Market and Make Money Distributing Water Purifiers in Nigeria

Don't waste your time reading this if you damn think your bank is flowing with such money that you are made for life.

However, if you desire to step out the slow lane and step into the fast lane.

If you know what it takes to connect with distributors that can market this tablet and wipe away your tears then it's time to read on.

How To Make 100% Certain You Gain Access to the Water Purifier for the Poor and Make “Serious Money” in 2018.

Dear Reader,

Are you already settled for life? If no, then be ready to increase your cash reserve like never before.

Here is why:

I must tell you we live in an uncertain time.

Our crude oil has lost its value.

The prize of water has skyrocketed to #170 per bag.

Who knows?

By this time next year, it may become better or it could be damn worse.

The issue is we don’t know which, except if God decides to pull us out of the brink and opens the dark cloud covering the soul of Nigeria.

I am sure you all can feel the bitter pill of the fuel situation -with the price of fuel going for #300 per litre or less.

Maybe it will come down… Maybe it will not. You and I don’t know.

Even the economy is in a poor shape.

Few months from now, the unemployment rate may rise to over 40%. I’m sure you know of a sister who has lost her job or a brother who has been given that bitter letter no one who is making ends meet will want to receive.

Who knows if Boko Haram will be a thing of the past despite the great gain that has been made? Or maybe it will rear its ugly head again. God forbid.

From the above you know:

No one can predict what the future hold for us
With 100% certainty.

But, I’ll tell you what I can do: I can show you how this business will make you lots of cash in 2018… no matter the situation in the country.

See, over 5 years ago I met this amazing man whose name is Mike. Mike is a super duper cool guy. With his pen he has been able to ink deals with shoe manufacturers in Italy, data recovery firms, and water purification firms.

You see, Mike is so gifted that he is able to convince sceptical business firms to do business with him.

Mike is indeed a magic weaver. So if for any reason you need Mike to seal an international deal for you, reach out to him and he’ll transform your pitch into license.

Mike has made millions this way. And he is ready to offer to you one of his product that will transform your life in less than 3 months. This product can yield you over 100% profit if sold in the open market.

Do you have the onion – the will power to get into this business –are you willing to jump out of your comfort zone. Are you ready to close down the pure water factory in your locality?

If you have the "heart" it is possible.

You Can Achieve Total Financial Freedom in the Year 2018

You can decide to travel the world if you desire. You can decide to sack your boss. You can even decide to become an employer.

The Best thing is you wouldn’t need to beg, mum and dad, or your wicked uncle for cash again.

Don’t think it an act of cruelty for calling you out if you still receive handouts from your parents. Consider it an act of kindness. An act telling you that you’re about stepping into the big league.

Why You Should Get This Product

You see, when people were asked what matters in life, some said “Money” others said “women”.
However, King Solomon, who is regarded as Israel’s wisest King called the aforementioned Vanity.

Dear reader, if the aforementioned is called vanity - what then matters?

Believe me, it is the value you add to others that matter.

The reason why I am sharing this opportunity with you is because I don’t just see this as a business opportunity but as a way to add value to lives of people.

• Imagine making money you can use to train your children in school.
• Imagine providing portable water to millions of Nigeria at affordable prices.
• Imagine reducing the incidence of water-borne disease to the barest minimum.

Perhaps you are wondering, how you will market the product. Don't worry because listed below are some tactics you can use to add value to your life and others.

How to Market the Water Purifier and Make Money

Supply To Hotels & Restaurants:

Hotels & restaurants use  water every day. Approach them and offer them the product telling them why purification of  water is important.

Supply To Brick & Mortar Stores

Check out brick and mortar shops like Spar and Shoprite- strike a deal or partnership with them.
Simply approach them and advertise your products to them. If you want presentation videos or power point presentation, you will be given.

Supply To Schools

Many schools depend on Borehole facility for the children source of water. Instead of buying bottled water that will consume hard the earned fund of the school –you can convince them to adopt this product which will destroy the germs present in the water hence reducing the incidence of typhoid and other water-borne diseases.

Have your own retail store:

You can set up your own retail shop. You will, however, need to erect banners and do other forms of advertisement to make people aware of the product in the locality.

Set Up Your Own Online Shop

You can create an online shop. The shop will give you the leverage to connect with people who are searching for your kind of product online

Supply To Homes & Offices

There are people who are usually busy at work during the day. These people may find it difficult visiting the market to purchase this product. In order to solve this problem, there is a need for you as the product seller to visit their homes and offices.

So if you desire to get into partnership as a distributor CALL 08036532254.


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