Oriflame Registration 2020 Form: How To Register, Promote and Make Money

Make Money selling Oriflame beauty product

Oriflame is a leading beauty company that markets its product through direct selling. She is present in more than 60 countries and  has its origin in Sweden with corporate offices in Switzerland.

For those thinking how much it cost for Oriflame Registration -The answer is #2990. You can get registered here.

 The company was founded in 1967 in Sweden by two brothers: Jonas Af Jochnick and Robert Af Jochnick.

Oriflame is an awesome opportunity if you want to make money online in Nigeria.

All it takes is for you to get registered as an Oriflame consultant.

Many people are scared of joining companies like this either because they don’t know how to sell or what to do?
If this is your challenge don’t worry, in this post I will teach you strategies you can use in making money with Oriflame.

But How Do You Register?

Click on Simply fill in your details. If you have any question, reach me on WhatsApp: 08036532254

How To Register on Oriflame Nigeria

Sponsorship code for Oriflame Nigeria is 415957

 But before I share the strategies with you, I want to share the benefits that will accrue to you for registering as an Oriflame consultant.

Benefits of Being an Oriflame Consultant

1. Save Money

Oriflame offers consultants a discount on each product they purchase. This means that you can save between 20-30% on each order you make from their site. Discount is a difference between the price you pay as Consultant and catalogue price that customer is paying

Just imagine 20% of 5000 that is you save #1000 just by making an order for a 5000 naira item. This indeed is definitely the beginning of great things

2. Make Money

There are different ways you can make money with Oriflame

1. You can make money through selling

For example, if  you purchase a product on Oriflame for 3000 -you can sell the same item at a marked up price -for example 3200 or 3400.

By selling more products you will earn an  additional profit and  benefits (additional benefits include: Welcome Programme, Bonus Gift) & also  an additional discount of up to 35%.

If you sell products to 6 friends, you will immediately earn 30%

2. Through Referral Commissions

Oriflame offers  some good amount of commission to consultants through referrals.

By referring your friends to join Oriflame, you can make some good amount of money. Oriflame offers a commission to you for products your referrals purchase. This can get you 8% commission.

This means that by referring someone to join Oriflame you can make money on the go even when you are asleep. This shows that you can get wealth on auto-pilot as long as your referral purchases the product.

But you can also earn up to 13.5% on the sales of every Consultant you invite to join Oriflame.

This is a way to increase your earnings and  gain financial independence. What it takes is for you to train your team to become the best they can. The benefit of doing this is because you earn a certain percentage of ever joins your group.

3. Flexibility

Oriflame enables you to work at your pace. You determine your goals, how many hours you want to work, and who do you want to have on your team. Oriflame’s Success Plan offers unlimited opportunities with no risk, the success and earnings depend on your willingness to work hard and achieve it.

You can order catalogues online or when you place your order by phone.

How Do You Sell Your Oriflame Product?

1. Recommend It To Friends and Family

Selling Oriflame is not difficult,  It as simple as recommending a friend to watch a movie. What is required is for you to possess a currency of trust. Once people trust you, you can easily offer them products that you know are great and once they use them, they will fall in love with the product and henceforth you will become the man to call when it's needed.

Oriflame has made it easy for you to sell. They do this by providing a catalogue. Armed with the catalogue you can easily convince potential customers about your product.

2. Offer a Demonstration

The magic about selling Oriflame is for you to show your friends how?
You can do this by making up a friend, family member or relative. When people see the difference it makes -it becomes easy for you to sell your Oriflame product.

3. Organize Get Togethers

Settings that allow for relaxation among friends is a great place to sell your products. Get-togethers and parties are awesome places to get started. Because the venues are relaxed, you can easily fall into conversation about the beauty products they use? This is an opportunity to tell them why they should consider yours. A demonstration of the capability of your product should seal the deal.

4. Seduce Them

Imagine wearing a fragrance that not only wows people you meet but prompt them to ask you what type of fragrance you are using.

Wearing an Oriflame perfume is a channel to getting new buyers. The flowery fragrance is powerfully seductive. It creates an aura of warmth around the wearer.

 Add this to your selling arsenal and you will smile home to the bank.

 Simply show the catalogue, share your positive experience with the products and ask for their orders. People really appreciate it, since it’s an easy, personal and convenient way to shop. As a Consultant, you earn a percentage of every order.

How To Make Orders
1. Through the Phone
2. Through their website

Understand that before you become a consultant someone will have to refer you. I can do that for you.

The Growth Level
Group Manager

District Manager
Regional Manager

As your own boss, it is only you who gets to decide how far you want to go. You determine your goals, how many hours you want to work, and who do you want to have on your team.

Oriflame’s Success Plan offers unlimited opportunities with no risk. Your success and earnings depend on how hard you are willing to work.

You are your own boss. Oriflame has unique business concept – Make money today and fulfil your dreams tomorrow. You can start making money the same day you join and build your own business for tomorrow.

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  1. Pls can u enlighten me on the requirements for the monthly payment

  2. Monthly payments is only made if you want to purchase a product. Your question is not fully clear to me though if you read this and you still have issue contact me on 08036532254

  3. This is Rumana from Oman. When I was in India am a oriflame customer now after coming Oman I don't found any office to get oriflame products. Can you get me the products of oriflame if I order? I really wanted to get registered in oriflame and sell products here in my country as so many people are willing to get this oriflame products. How could I join in oriflame as a member

    1. Rumana that's a challenge except you order from amazon for now. But I will find out if Oriflame can solve this issue. You can drop me a mail so I can mail you if I have an answer

  4. Good evening, if I register is there a specific amount of products I must buy monthly?

    1. To gain the most benefit you are expected to purchase monthly. If however you Dont purchase in a given month you will loose the commission that accrues to you. But that doesn't mean you aren't a consultant

  5. Hello, i am already a oriflame consultant and now i want to place orders online, but i do not have the password. Could you please tell me how can i get the required password. Thank you.

    1. Check your mail search for oriflame. Click the earliest email that showed you are now a consultant. That email will contain your password

  6. How much is the registration fee and how much product do I need to buy for a start?

    1. Its 2990 you can purchase product worth 15k but I advice people to go for 25k worth of product especially if the want to invite others to join.

  7. Sir if I start with 25k what are the product lines. Can you tell me which and which products they have

    1. You order products based on the the cost of various item. For example 25k may buy one phone but buy 10 shirts so it depends. Contact me on my WhatsApp no 08036532254

  8. In case u are trying to register someone and you are told the consultant already exists, what is the next thing to do.tanx

  9. In case u are trying to register someone and you are told the consultant already exists, what is the next thing to do.tanx

    1. It is most likely because of an issue with filling in the wrong id: Under id some people put in Voters Card instead of the specific id number say A237100400. For those who dont have an id. They can put in their phone number. Have any issue you can call me on 08036532254


  11. Good evening, I just registered how do I make d #2990 fee being charge

    1. http://www.compellingadverts.com/2016/05/how-to-pay-for-oriflame-product-in.html?m=1 read this post

    2. Is there cream for female genital

  12. Sir, clarify on what to fill on the Personal ID/passport when registering. I don't know what is required of me. Thanks

    1. Put your ID number 9f your voters card or any identity card you have

  13. Hi
    Can I be registered in two other counties? I am consultant in Kenya but can I join Nigeria too? Is it possible?

  14. Please is it under sponsors name that we fill in the consultants Oracle number?