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How to Register and Make Money as a Jumia Affiliate by Inserting Ads

Jumia Nigeria  was formally called Kasuwa. Kasuwa successfully re-branded itself to Jumia in order to reposition itself as a leading African online retailing company and In order to achieve its desire of becoming the best. This it has succeeded in doing in Nigeria. With its in-depth penetration of the market in Nigeria, the opportunity has risen for Nigerians to make money online as an affiliate of Jumia. How to Become an Affiliate of Jumia (Note Some Links are Affiliate links) Becoming an affiliate of Jumia requires that you have a blog. If you don’t have one- you could register with blogger and make money through promoting their hot deals. This will give you the leverage to promote their products online Note however that having a blog is not the only criteria Other requirements include having a sizable amount of traffic to your site On approval of the program, you can start promoting various ranges of products available. How to Apply to For Jumia Affiliate Program 

How to Pay For Oriflame Registration

Lots of people are at a loss on how they should pay for the Oriflame Nigeria registration fee which is #3000 hence the reason for writing this post. The Step By Step Method for Paying for Oriflame Registration in Nigeria

Ultimate Guide To Making Money With Study Soup

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money as a Student with StudySoup Why did I write this guide? I wanted to give you an extensive and detailed guide of ways you can deploy Study Soup site to make money . This study guide is filled with chock full of tactical and actionable ideas you can implement  as a student to make money. Who is this guide for? If you’re in school, and you are very good in taking note in classes, this guide is for you. The ultimate guide to making money with study soup is for any student looking for extra income to purchase textbooks, pay off student’s loan, to feed or  to do shopping. The Ultimate guide to earning money with Study Soup is for anyone who blogs on: How to make money, small business, affiliate marketing. This guide provides actionable tactics you can deploy study soup and smile to the bank. How Much of This Guide will Benefit You? To get the most out of this guide, you’ll want to read everything. While this is the best way, you ma

Turn Your Car into a Money-Making Asset with Pam-Drive

A lot of people out there think owning a car means owning an asset. This is far from the truth since cars do not add money to your pocket. But you see savvy people have found a way out of this debacle. As such they have learnt how to turn their cars into a money-making machine. And if you desire to know how, then you are in the right place and I am here to teach you how. I will teach you how to drive your car for free. By free I mean you would be paid for driving your car. And believe me, you won’t have to become a taxi driver to do this. You don’t believe me - Right? You are in for the shock of your life as I unveil to you a secret few know about in Port Harcourt. Let’s consider the monthly expenses of a normal car owner in a month Fuel #12,000 Car washing: #2000 Maintenance: #5000 This amounts to 19,000 and this is a conservative estimate considering the fact that insurance renewal fees and other major maintenance are not included. And if we look at what is spe

How to Make Money and Acquire Customers as an Insurance Agent

Industries like insurance and the banking industries do not necessarily need staff who studied the course to get into entry level position. This is because insurance and banking deal greatly with one’s marketing skill. As a result, a hard-working insurance agent can earn five zero sum within a year. Achieving this success, however, comes at a price. The individual has to have a tough skin to be able to withstand the rejection and insult. This is especially true for life insurance agent especially in developing countries where life insurance agents are viewed as people who desire the death of people. Despite this, life insurance is the most lucrative of the other insurance industry. It is more lucrative than health insurance, auto insurance or fire insurance. As I mentioned earlier for you to be successful in insurance, you must be willing to accept rejection and embrace conflict. This is why insurance is best for people who are extroverted, people who can easily bru