How to Pay for Oriflame product in Nigeria

How Make Payment for Oriflame Product

Oriflame has a catalogue of products that includes:

- Perfumes
- Skin care: blemish solver, cleansers, moisturising lotion
- Personal &Hair care: body lotion, conditioners and foot cream, foot scrub, hair mask, hand and nail cream shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant and hair oil
- Make up that consist of eyeliner, eye pencil, lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, Nail polish, and powder - just to mention but a few.

Probably, the question on the mind of people who want to order Oriflame product is: How Can I go about it?

If this question has been of concern to you –bother no more since this article you will teach you 3 ways to pay for Oriflame product in Nigeria.

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3 Ways To Pay For Oriflame Product In Nigeria

1. Pay for Oriflame Orders Through their Service Centre

After you have made your order online, go to any service centre  close to you.

You will need either a debit card or the cash equivalent to pay for the order.

Once you are sure you have the above requirement – walk up to the payment personnel and tell them you need to make payment for an order you made online.

When you do this, you will be asked to provide:

-Your Consultant ID

If you do not have one –you can register here or contact me on WHATSAPP.

However, know also that some service centre may decline to receive cash from you as they will insist you provide a  debit card.

Understand that you will be charged the sum of  #50 as the  service fee for the assistance  you are provided at the centre.

Once you have made the payment, you will be issued an invoice as a prove that you have completed the payment.

2. How To Pay Through Bank (deposit, Cheque or Cash)

i. Simply deposit your money into the account below:

Bank Account Details

GTB Bank 0158319688
Sort Code: 058152104

Ask the bank staff to do a confirmation of the account number if you're are sceptical

N/B: For the Depositor Name

Put either:

1. Your Name+ Consultant Number
2. Your Surname + Consultant number

ii. Send an SMS After Payment

After you have paid for your order, send an SMS TO 08182441412 with the following details:

(Date of Payment) (Your Consultant Number) (First Name) (Amount of Payment)
For Example, if I made the payment on 24 may 2016 –the details in the text will be:

24/5/2016 A101825 PETER 20,000

This detail will be sent to 08182441412

P.S Your order will be sent to you when the payment has been confirmed.

3. Payment Through Bank Transfer

i. Use an ATM Machine For The Transaction

Visit "Quickteller" on the ATM machine and click on GTB Bank.

Type in the account number: 0158319688
In the amount space -type in the order amount inclusive of your transport charge.

 Within Lagos, it is #750.

Outside Lagos but within the Airport states the amount is #1860. So if the order is worth #20,000, and it is to be delivered to Port Harcourt, Enugu or Akwa Ibom, I will have to pay #21860.

Once you have put in the amount, you will be asked to confirm your transaction and the money will be deducted from your debit card.

To resolve any dispute, you can forward a scanned copy of your Atm receipt to their e-mail address:

ii. Send an SMS

Once any payment has been made send an SMS to 08182441412 stating the following:

(Date of Payment) (Your Consultant Number) (First Name) (Amount of Payment)

Note that you must make payment within 72 hours of placing an order if not the order will be cancelled and #100 will be deducted from you.

This means that your account will read -#100 if your account before making the order had zero naira inside it.

P.S The account I am talking of is your Oriflame account.

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