How to Pay For Oriflame Registration

Lots of people are at a loss on how they should pay for the Oriflame Nigeria registration fee which is #3000 hence the reason for writing this post.

The Step By Step Method for Paying for Oriflame Registration in Nigeria

Step 1: Do the Online Registration

Visit this page on their site and fill in the relevant details. At the end of the registration, an e-mail will be sent to you that will include your consultant number and password. This step is for those who haven’t registered before. However, for those of you who have done the registration before you can skip this step and get to step 2.

Step 2: Log into the Website

To log into their website, you need to be armed with your consultant number and password. You will find it in your mail after submitting the registration form.

Once you have logged in, you will need to take the next step which is making an order

Step 3: Making an Order

To make an order simply add the products you want to be delivered to you in your cart. Once you are done with the order the registration fee will automatically be added to you.

The method explained here is for those who want to pay online. If you want to pay through bank or check, the article: How To Pay for Oriflame Product in Nigeria will be useful.

N/B: The minimum amount of product you need to order to qualify as a consultant is #10,000. So once you have made an order of #10000, #3,000 will be automatically added to the amount to make it #13,000.

You will, however, be charged an additional fee for delivery of the item depending on your location.

For people resident in Lagos, the additional fee for transportation is #750 while the transport fee for people who are resident in Airport states is #1,860.

So for a person who intends to purchase the minimum basic point and who is resident in areas like Port Harcourt, Enugu, Uyo and Kano -you are required to pay a sum of #14,860 to get started.

If you have the challenge of getting your items to customers this article will help you out. Don’t forget to ask questions in the comment box or drop a Whatsapp message on 08036532254.

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