Turn Your Car into a Money-Making Asset with Pam-Drive

A lot of people out there think owning a car means owning an asset. This is far from the truth since cars do not add money to your pocket. But you see savvy people have found a way out of this debacle.

As such they have learnt how to turn their cars into a money-making machine. And if you desire to know how, then you are in the right place and I am here to teach you how.

I will teach you how to drive your car for free. By free I mean you would be paid for driving your car.
And believe me, you won’t have to become a taxi driver to do this.
You don’t believe me - Right?
You are in for the shock of your life as I unveil to you a secret few know about in Port Harcourt.

Let’s consider the monthly expenses of a normal car owner in a month

Fuel #12,000
Car washing: #2000
Maintenance: #5000

This amounts to 19,000 and this is a conservative estimate considering the fact that insurance renewal fees and other major maintenance are not included.

And if we look at what is spent on the car in a year it amounts to #218000. As I said earlier, these estimates are just conservative.

This shouldn’t be the situation. As an entrepreneur, your mindset should be about defraying this cost and turning it into an opportunity to transform lives.

And this is what I am here to show you.

Leveraging Pam Drive to live an independent life from the comfort of your Home

Pam drive which is based in Port Harcourt offers you the opportunity to switch your beloved car into a business while providing you with the customers.

I know one reason people are sceptical of using this method to generate income is because they are ashamed of parking their cars at the bus stop to pick up people for rides.

It doesn’t have to be so. From the comfort of your home, you can get passengers who you will help take to their destination.

So the issue of how to get people you will drive does not arise as Pam Drive will do that for you.

How Pam Drive will Procure Client For You?

Pam drive with the aid of the app which can be downloaded on Google Play store will link you to people who require your service.

Do I need an Office?

You won’t need a physical office. You are allowed to work according to your schedule. You are allowed to choose when you drive, where you go, and who you pick up.

How Much Can I Earn with Pam Drive?

You can earn up to 400000 a month depending on you. We give you the client, you drop them off and money crashes into your account.

With this amount generated, one can now say your car is an asset and you drive for free.

The question is how do I get started with Pam Drive?

To get started with Pam Drive you will need to be screened. The background check is simply to identify you are who you say you are.

So if you are interested in joining Pam Drive reach out to me on 08036532254


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