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How to Make Money In Nigeria Without A Website

I have talked about how an individual like you can actually do something great for yourself from the comfort of your home. However, today I am here to tell you one of several ways you can make money online in Nigeria without a website by utilizing the Kaymu’s platform.    I am sure you must have heard of E-bay that gigantic website where you can buy and sell. You need not worry if haven’t heard of it. This is because the Nigerian alternative is just at your door and you can deploy it as a strategy to make cash online. Is making Cash Online in Nigeria without a blog Possible?

How To Be a Beauty Product Distributor in Nigeria: The Oriflame Example

There are lots of people out there who have a desire to get into beauty product selling. May be you are in this category but you have a challenge of starting. If this is your challenge then this post is for you. In this post you will learn why being a distributor for Oriflame is a potential money-making machine. One thing I love about being a beauty product distributor is that it can be done on a part-time basis. So even a banker can get into this business. The role of a Distributor Manufacturers produces products while retailer sells them to end users. There is another category of people who link product manufacturers to the retailers who sell to consumers. And believe me when I say manufacturers love distributors because they make it easy for their product to get to nook and cranny of the country. So if you have the ability to source for retailers who can purchase a particular brands product and sell to the consumer you can be sure that being a distributor is a role you