2 Branding Principles Small Businesses Can Learn from Coca- Cola

branding principle i learned from Coca ColaOne beautiful day, I took a stroll into my friend's small restaurant.

My friend is an enterprising young lady. She knows how to cook African  dishes.

As usual I took a seat surveyed the environment and discovered something that struck me.

It was the branding all over her shop.

It was a Coca-Cola branding Fiesta.

Right at the entrance of her shop stood her sign board branded by coca-cola.

On each eating tables lay 2 mini-coke bottles which contained salt and tooth pick.

The fridge was also Coca Cola branded.

This got me thinking.

It taught me an all important lesson.

Coca Cola knows the impact of branding.

They fully understand the impact branding has on sales.

To achieve maximum impact they deployed Copy writing.

Copy writing on wall papers were placed in several  strategic places.

Some of the Ads states:

Meals taste better with Coke
Refreshes like no other
The Perfect Match

This is copy writing at its best.

5 words, 4 words, 3 words packed with powerful imagery that enchants you to grab a meal and wash it down with a bottle of Coke.

And I thought of How Small Businesses Can Apply Coca- Cola Branding Principles.

Here are my THOUGHTS

1. Offer Your Customers Something of Value Free of Charge

The fridge, sign post, wall plaque, salt bottle were all offered to my friend free of charge.

While you may not be able to offer gifts of these magnitude  to your client ensure you give something of value.

It could be a free or discounted meal in the case of my  friend.

A souvenir could also suffice. Souvenirs you offer your clients should last for a long time.

Perishable souvenirs will hardly imprint your name on the heart of your customer for a long time.

Examples of souvenirs could be branded pencils, flower pots, a pocket knife etc.

No matter who you are buying this gift for, make your gifts memorable.

2. Follow Up Your Customers

Apart from offering souvenirs, you should also reach out to them with text messages and e-mail. Coca-Cola did this by visiting the shop from time to time.

The essence of the visit is to see if the fridge was stock with their drinks you see.

Ha ha ha

They do this tactfully though.

So this are two key I learnt from Coca Cola


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