Oriflame North For Men Deodorant Review

Oriflame Review of Deodorant in Nigeria

This skin proven recipe is a beauty to embrace.
Oriflame North for Men deodorant offers you 24 hours dry protection.
This means you apply it once and you are good to go to the next day.

North For Men  deodorant comes with an anti-white mark technology.

The technology gives your skin a flawless appearance after application.

Unlike most aftershave in the market,  Oriflame North fragrance is dermatologically tested. This shows you that integrity is the watchword.

It also comes with zinc a compound known for its ability to prevent the damaging effect of UV light.

North men comes with 24 hours protection

Age Control Cream

Wearing a youthful look at age 40 is definitely possible.

Thanks to North for men. This advanced formula helps to keep the skin firmer.
It has been dermatologically tested -with 79 % of respondents agreeing that North for men helps fight signs of aging, 79%

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