Review: Oriflame North For Men AfterShave Balm For Nigeria

Review: OriflameNorth Aftershave For Men

Hi everyone, today I’m want to talk about one of the best after shave balms for men in Nigeria. Before I talk about this delightful aftershave balm, let get to know the difference between an aftershave balm and aftershave lotion.

An after shave balm is a cream based product which is used after shaving, in place of an after shave lotion.

 After shave balms are skin friendly as they not only soothes skin irritation but also moisturizes the skin.

 After shave lotions contain mostly alcohol as its base ingredient. It leaves the skin dry after use. Unlike the lotion, After-shave balms are mostly are alcohol-free and provides various other benefits to the skin along with moisturizing.

Since they are cream based, they are also available in organic variants. Now to the Oriflame North Aftershave Balm Review. The Oriflame North for Men aftershave is an aesthetic delight.

Its cover comes with a transparent hue that is comfortable to remove and at the same time firm enough to prevent the balm from seeping through.

The blue colour of its container has a cool aura.

Oriflame North for men comes with zinc -a  compound known for its ability to prevent the damaging effect of UV light.

It gives your chin  a toned look - keeping it crispy fresh.

This consumer tested delight delivers  24 hydration to your skin.

Your skin remains fresh throughout the day.

Oriflame North is made from an iconic root extract found in Eastern Siberian.
Oriflame North comes with menthol soothing fragrance
Just like the Siberian tiger, Oriflame North protects your skin against internal and external aggressors that desire to render your skin unsmooth.

If you want a smooth, hydrated, radiant chin - Oriflame is for you.

With a headquarter in Sweden, excellence is the watchword.

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