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5 Super-Super Benefits of Having Business Mentors

How Young People Can Make Their Business Grow While Beating Competition The football analogy of business:  how young people can get it right and succeed competition Business is a game with only the best players smiling at the end of the day.
Like a game of football, it requires collective responsibility, with each player playing different roles, but supporting one another.
Just like in football, where the coach who has experience guides young players; young people should have mentors who will be on ground to guide them and advice them on key steps to take in moving their business forward.
In view of this; this article treats: Five Great Benefits Mentors Provide to Young People in Business.  Before outlining the benefit of mentorship, it is important you know what mentoring is all about.
Who is a Mentor?
A mentor is someone, who can guide you through the start up process and provides advice as you need it.
The startup process here refers to your new business.
Who is a Mentee?
The mentee…

How To Make Money From Bitcoin Nigeria -Simple Guide


Non BS Review of Bitconnect Opportunity: Is it a Scam?

Many people are at a crossroad.

They want to know if they should commit their hard earn money into Bitconnect hence the reason for this review.

Is Bitconnect a Scam: A Genuine Review? One of my friends has made good amount of money from Bitconnect, he has enticed me with the promise of good return for as much as 30% in a month.

How effective is this promise? In order to review this promise, he allowed me to look into his dashboard and I saw that bitconnect has indeed been paying him.

 He did an initial investment of I00 dollars and has been able to make an additional $60 within 2 months. With this information I was enticed to join the scheme, but before you join the scheme, you need to read my honest review.

You see the problem with a lot of bitconnect review is that they are totally biased and are geared toward making you purchase the coin. So in essence the writer psychologically convinces you to make that jump into this cryptocurrency.

In this review, however, I will present the …

2017: How Students Can Make Money Using Scofield Skills in Nigeria(16 Ways)

You are seated on your bed with hands akimbo, your mind far away from your books; you've traveled to money land, but your account is in the red.

Your thought like a roller coaster is on a ride. She suddenly hits a bump and you feel pangs of hunger gnawing rapidly on your stomach lining. You rush quickly to the blue pail to get a cup of garri so that you can soak. But you become disappointed because the pail is empty. It doesn't have to be like

Do you know you can effectively come out of this condition while smiling to the bank?

How To Multiply Unused Funds in Your Bank Account

If you have money sitting in savings or current account doing nothing and you don't have the need for it at least for the next 2 or 3 months, it could be you are not yet certain what profitable thing to do with it, for now, then this my little piece of information could interest you.

How To Multiply Unused Funds In Your Bank Account

Someone might quickly think of fixed deposit or Call Deposit as good options for reserved funds. While it isn’t a bad idea, I do not agree. With fixed deposit, you only get to enrich the banks.

It's true fixed deposit for a million naira or a little less could fetch you about 4-7% annually excluding tax. While some see this as an opportunity, I see it as cheating.

By whom? The banking system. Well, don't condemn me yet until I explain my reasons.

Have you heard of government instruments like Federal Government Bond and Treasury Bills?

Do you know they pay more, even more than double of fixed or call deposits?

Treasury Bills or FG Bond is all a…