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3 Business Lessons Four Lepers Taught Me

3 Simple lessons That Can Transform Your Life My perception of lepers has taken a u-turn. Perhaps you are asking how? Perhaps you are thinking; “Where on earth was he opportune to meet the men who changed his orientation?.” If you have  this thought, then its time do away with it, because In the Book of 2 Kings 7:3-10 the Bible spoke of four lepers who were outside the gate of Samaria. These lepers as the passage goes-were at the brink of death -and as was the custom of Israel at the time-they weren’t permitted to get into the gates of the city to look for food as they were regarded as outcast.

The Irresistible Power of Story Telling in Businesses

Storytelling has fashioned civilization, destroyed cultures and built up nations. Through stories people have been persuaded, inspired and nudged to act out a vision. Through storytelling, the blacks of America believed the Martin Luther’s vision, keyed into the “I had a Dream speech” and set themselves free from the shackles of racism; hence, releasing them into a just society where people are not judged by the colour of their skin but by the content

How to Make a Customer Forgive your Little Transgression

Wondering how you can make a customer forgive you? No worry in this article I shared a life experience that will definitely help you. Recently, I had an ugly experience while visiting a friend who manages a cyber cafĂ©. In this case a lady who bought a ticket almost engaged the lady in charge of tickets sales in a shouting match. What was her gross? She was angry that the internet connection was slow and as a result she couldn’t do much, hence she requested for a refund of her money, but the lady in charge of ticket sales vehemently refused to return it to her arguing that the customer has already spent the time embossed on the ticket. The customer therefore resigned to fate that she wouldn’t be given a refund. She did this with anger etched on her face. Knowing the damage her anger could do to my friend business I decided to intervene. First what did I do?

How Can Event Businesses Win Clients? -The Answer

You are the head of the marketing unit of your event firm. You’ve been given a deadline. And you’ve been asked the dreaded question: “Why can’t we get clients from the blog?” You feel ashamed. You feel caged. You wonder what step to take next. In fact, you are mauling given up. You feel killing the blog is the best thing since it can’t bring any revenue to the firm. You are wondering if there’s any more avenue to explore before you pull the final plug. If you are in this “shoe” you need to do this one thing -you need to plan a strategy. When you are not seeing any return on time invested then -doubling your effort isn’t the best. You need to ask yourself critical questions You need to ask yourself: “what have I done so far?”  Do I have the right plan in place to seduce my readers and turn them into clients?  What strategies did I implement in the past that yielded tangible results?  Were they one-off tactics I never used again?  Was I focused