Let’s get started. Kwese app is going to give DSTV THE BIGGEST FIGHT OF THEIR LIFE.


Not just because they have an exceptional product but because they have deployed.

They have deployed influencer marketing at the core of their strategy?


Before I get into the how, I want to mention that in their quest to differentiate themselves from DSTV KWESE instituted THE PAY AS YOU WATCH MODEL as against the monthly subscription of their counterpart.

This is however not the only game changer in their arsenal. For those wondering what a game changer is –listen to what Strive said about the game changer.

I will not go into a business unless I can see a "game changer"; something that we are going to do that is different from what others are doing. Let me give you an example; when we launched our operation in Zimbabwe in July 1998 it was almost two years after our two competitors had started their operations. It had never happened anywhere in the world that a third entrant into the market had overtaken such well-established competitors, let alone in less than two months!
Those who know me will tell you that I spend time every day just reading and catching up on what is going on in my industry. Even when I read a newspaper, I do so with a pen in my hand; marking things and following up for more information. " My people, perish for lack of knowledge": In business, if you are not informed, you will perish.
Several years before I launched the networks in Botswana and Zimbabwe (our first two networks), I had come across an extraordinary new billing system from a company in Israel. This system, allowed an operator to charge a customer whilst they were talking rather than afterwards; this was completely revolutionary at the time. It was called "pre-paid", and it was to completely revolutionise, the world of telecommunications; that was the "game changer"!
And this same strategy was implemented by GLO when they entered into the Nigerian market hence breaking the monopoly of MTN.

So with regards to KWESE the game changer was not just the pay-as you watch model, the game changer is by setting up a mobile app so as to capture people within the age of 18-35.
Through this, KWESE would be capturing a demography of the market who did not have personal access to their own Cable TV.


Time will tell.



So back to the how.

 As I earlier mentioned KWESE has deployed influencer marketing at the core of its marketing strategy. 

As with all marketing playing on your strength is key.
And that’s why KWESE used STRIVE to market KWESE or you can say STRIVE used his brand to market KWESE.

How has this been done?

With over 2 million avid followers on facebook, Strive has been able to speak to lots of people about KWESE TV.

He does this through soft selling his business – he does this by providing huge value for free.
So when he offers the sale, people easily buy. By using his influence and by providing value he has also been able to get valuable feed-back.


Marketing isn’t just about providing value marketing also involves getting feedback and making the sell.
And strive does this remarkably well.
To illustrate this deep truth, take a look at How Strive practically asked for feedback using the “SOFT APPROACH”

In the above article Strive started by asking a a key questions? What is your mindset when you see a challenge?

The question, on the surface entices and draws the reader in. For entrepreneurs, they know they have to confront the challenge.

However, The one question on their lips is how? And for ardent followers of Strive they know they are in for a nugget. Because they will definitely get an answer on how to face up with this challenge.

And Strive knowing that the question has pulled in the reader took a step further by utilizing one of the world most powerful tools that has destroyed nations and transformed generations.

He used the tool of Storytelling. A  tools whose effect is damn multiplied when  personalized.

And he told a story of how he was able to overcoming a great challenge. A challenge that could just be the game changer in the PAY TV industry –an industry he was seeking to dominate.

By brilliant marketing, using story telling Strive was able to tie his product into the story.
This indeed creates massive awareness of his brand. But that is only the beginning.

He asked for feedback.

In asking for feedback he tied it to a gift. Something to get people motivated to look for those bug that hampers users experience.


Exclusive content rules the and to succeed in PAY TV this a must.

This is why the who is who in the PAY TV industry go for exclusive content.

Through exclusive content -The Right to broadcast the premier league -HITV was able to give DSTV  a run for their money before losing the right in 2010 to DSTV due to their inability to pay the complete fee having won the right again.

This loss can be linked to eventual demise of HITV from the Nigerian market.
And this why Strive team is chasing exclusive content all the way.

He is not only looking for FEED BACK he is empowering people.

As I mentioned earlier he asked for feedback. And suggestion started rolling in. In exchange of the feddback he received, Strive offered $10000 to the winner.

 You can see the winner her congratulating STRIVE. This is a powerful way to not only empower people but to change lives. As he inspires people to implement the strategies he teaches.

As you can see above Simon Nwachuya was the winner of the competition.


Another powerful tool in marketing is to engage your audience.

Strive does this with purpose.

In response to a statement where he said he was going to fight the right holder of the English premiership to finish –I suggested a way he could do it without having to wait for one year and Strive replied.

By replying to my comment, he makes draw closer to the platform and that’s why I endeavour to read every post he writes.

These indeed are some of the brilliant strategies he has deployed in order to market Kwese App. My question to fans, followers and readers is this: what other strategy have you gleaned from his post


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