Port Harcourt: The Importance of Partnering with an Ushering Agency For Your Event

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In this post you will learn:
 -Why Pretty Ushers is not everything.
 -The reason to hire a professional usher.
 -Why Hire Myze Usherette Agency A-Class Ushering Company in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The girls were pretty, wore cute outfits, welcomed your guest, and ushered them to their seats. Music was A-class; guest danced to their fill, but most left with sad memories.

They left home with sad memories of your ushers. You had asked your friends, and managers to get you ladies to act as ushers.

The recruited ladies were of impeccable beauty. On siting them on the event day, you felt the event was going to be epic.

You were however disappointed when you heard the spoken English of these ladies.

• Their spoken English was poor.
 • Their welcoming skills were less than average.
 • Guest sat outside the agreed seating arrangement. And the ushers paid little or no attention to the questions of your guest.

As a result, the guest felt greatly disappointed despite, the excellent music.

They felt you did not treat them with required decorum and so had decided not embrace your next occasion.

In fact, some of your guests decided you are not worthy to do business with. As a result, you lost more a million dollar contract.

The Reason to Hire A Professional Usher 

It is for this reason you need to hire professional ushers for your event.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Usher

Professional ushers know how to make your guest feel welcome

At Myze Usherettes Agency, we make sure each guest is warmly welcomed. Each usher takes note of the guest list and makes sure each guest is greeted warmly and ushered in the most comely and professional way to their designated seats.

Professional Usher Know the Importance of Smiling

Smiling makes a number of psychological change occur in your body.

This change is definitely positive. 

Smiling help makes guest or attendees feel happier and less stressed. 

It also helps reduce chronic pain and reduce negative feeling Smiling draw people to you rather than push them away.

 It makes you appear approachable.

 It also indicates confidence and ability to cope well in any stressful situation. 

So by hiring ushers who have learned the keen art of smiling, you show your guest you value them. 

You show your guest that you are confident.

You help break the ice and make your guest consider you to be more trustworthy.

Professional Ushers Makes You Professional

By hiring professional ushers, you give your company a professional edge. 

Clients and potential partners who grace your events accord more value to what you do. 

And this can greatly influence your chance to convince them to do business with you.

Professional Ushers Help To Sell Your Business

By hiring professional ushers you put your business in a positive light. Your perceived value increases and you end up with more money in the bank.

Why You Need Myze Usherette Agency

You need Myze Usherette Agency which is based in Port Harcourt so desire that you can take the business to the next level. Speak to us as we offer you our bespoke service that helps you stand out from your peers and colleague.

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