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How To Multiply Unused Funds in Your Bank Account

If you have money sitting in savings or current account doing nothing and you don't have the need for it at least for the next 2 or 3 months, it could be you are not yet certain what profitable thing to do with it, for now, then this my little piece of information could interest you. How To Multiply Unused Funds In Your Bank Account Someone might quickly think of fixed deposit or Call Deposit as good options for reserved funds. While it isn’t a bad idea, I do not agree. With fixed deposit, you only get to enrich the banks. It's true fixed deposit for a million naira or a little less could fetch you about 4-7% annually excluding tax. While some see this as an opportunity, I see it as cheating. By whom? The banking system. Well, don't condemn me yet until I explain my reasons. Have you heard of government instruments like Federal Government Bond and Treasury Bills? Do you know they pay more, even more than double of fixed or call deposits? Treasury Bills