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How To Make Money From Bitcoin Nigeria -Simple Guide

Ways Of Making Money With Bitcoin In Nigeria 1.  Buy and Sell bitcoins I am sure you have come across Abokis’ requesting you purchase dollars in exchange for Nigerian Naira. These guys get the dollars at a cheaper rate and sell at a higher rate. This is how you can also make money from bitcoin. All you need do is buy bitcoin during a dip or from someone you know who sells at a cheap price. Once you have the bitcoin in the wallet, the next thing is for you to hold until   the price appreciates to a level. Then you can then sell. For example you can purchase 50 dollars worth of bitcoin and once the bitcoin value of your holding increases to 70 dollars you sell 50 dollars. This means you earn a profit of 20 dollars. 2. Giving Investment Firms One can also make money from Bitcoin by investing in companies that trade on your behalf. One such company is USI TECH. Presently approved to do business in the US –Usi Tech gives you the opportunity to make