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5 Super-Super Benefits of Having Business Mentors

How Young People Can Make Their Business Grow While Beating Competition The football analogy of business:  how young people can get it right and succeed competition Business is a game with only the best players smiling at the end of the day. Like a game of football, it requires collective responsibility, with each player playing different roles, but supporting one another. Just like in football, where the coach who has experience guides young players; young people should have mentors who will be on ground to guide them and advice them on key steps to take in moving their business forward. In view of this; this article treats: Five Great Benefits Mentors Provide to Young People in Business.    Before outlining the benefit of mentorship, it is important you know what mentoring is all about. Who is a Mentor? A mentor is someone, who can guide you through the start up process and provides advice as you need it. The startup process here