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The Last Guide to Preventing Stretch Marks in Pregnancy Naturally in Nigeria

Joke a Delta State lady who lives in Lagos got married 2 months ago and she would soon get into the 3 rd month of her pregnancy. As with any lady who is conscious of her skin, Joke is scared of getting stretch marks the unsightly marks that comes as a result of over stretching of your skin. This doesn’t have to be so. There are things Joke can do now before the skin becomes less elastic due to her rising tummy. There are actions Joke can put in place that will make her go through the whole pregnancy without having to cry about stretch marks that is if she doesn’t want to use a reputable stretch mark cream that can cure stretch marks in less than one month. 1.        Eat Meals Rich in Gelatin Taking a meal rich in gelatin helps you produce more collagen which improves the elasticity of your skin. Gelatin is super rich as it not only makes your skin elastic, it also improves insulin sensitivity hence it is good for people with insulin resistance. Gelatin a