Difference between Visitors Insurance and Travel Insurance

Are you planning to travel into United States? Then one key thing you need is insurance.

In sourcing for insurance, you would see words like visitor insurance, travel medical insurance, trip insurance just to mention but a few.

What does this term mean? What are the differences? And which of these should you subscribe to? These are some of the things that will be addressed in this post.

If  you hear the term Travel insurance know it is a broad term that can be subdivided into two major categories namely:

1. Visitors Insurance

Visitors insurance covers medical issues that may arise during travel. This insurance covers both existing and new issues that may occur during your travel. Different terms for travel insurance include travel medical insurance, travel health insurance, trip medical insurance, trip health insurance and other terms not currently measured

2. Trip Cancellation or Travel Insurance

Travel insurance comes in handy if you want to protect yourself in any of the following scenario.

1. Sickness.

You might fall sick or get injured before a trip, or you could lose a job. Taking a travel insurance will help soften this loss.

2. Natural Disaster

If the destination you are traveling to sufferes an expected natural disaster a travel insurance cover can also help soften the blow.

Be sure the insurance will be of importance to you before taking trip cancellation insurance. So ensure you are aware of what the policy covers and the cost it entails. A plus of taking trip cancellation insurance is that it provides you emergency Medicaid insurance if you fall ill during the trip.


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