How to Make Money on Auto Pilot through Longrich in Nigeria

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How To Make Money With Longrich in Nigeria

Are you in Port Harcourt, Lagos, Akwa Ibom or Ontisha?

Are you someone who love to make money from the comfort of your home ? Then Longrich is one way you can achieve this. The reason is simple. You make money when you solve peoples problem. And you can solve problem from the comfort of your home. I understand that fear has made it difficult for people to solve problem and make money.

Want to join?

I understand that fear. How about if I show you how to solve that problem without having to directly speak with people. Because whether you are selling honey, clothes or mosquito repellants or if you are a shop owner you need a means to get people to come to you. Those who are able to do this are the people who are the most successful in business.

However, to be successful you need one primary ingredient. And that ingredient is a product or service that is hot. A hot product or service is one that solves a specific problem.

And here is where Longrich is awesome. Their products solves everyday problems.

And so convincing people to join this business is incredibly easily.

I know you think its a lie.

But that's the truth.

And if for any reason you feel its a lie then read on so I can show how. I will show you how to get people to join Longrich and sell your products online without killing yourself.

But before I share how, let me tell you why Longrich is brilliant.

Longrich is an International Company

Located in several countries Longrich is an international company. With a soon to be launched factory in Nigeria, Longrich is a business you can work with to achieve financial freedom.

They are one of the leading companies that dominates in the production of Health Care, Cosmetic/Skin Care, Household Cleaning, Furniture, Real Estate business and many more products. With over 12000 direct employees they are on a mission to give you products that solve your every day problem.

Making Money From Longrich.

The truth is you can make 5- 6 figures every single week just by deploying the power of social media. All it takes by simply doing copy and paste.

Different Ways You Can Earn with Longrich

Before I mention it again understand that all it takes is for you to solve problems.

1. Having a Team

Having a team is a fast way to make millions with Longrich. What you need to do ? You need to set a funnel. The term funnel confuses a lot of people. So I call it a pathway for people to become part of your business.

A basic sales funnel has four stages:

  • Suspects
  • Prospects
  • Leads
  • Customers

The suspects are those people who you are not sure of.

The prospects are those who have indicated  some form of interest.

Leads are people who are really interested in what you want to sell.

Customers are those who join the team.

So  running adverts exposes you to supects, prospects are those who watch or read your post. While those who dm you to ask how they can join are leads. And finally customers when they have joined your team or bought your products.

Apart from adverts search engine optimization is key. Search Engine Optimization is great as it makes you visible on Google.

The reason you are reading this post is simply because you found me on Google.
If you know how to write search engine optimization is a way to get client on autopilot. In fact I use search engine optimzation to make money for businesses.

2. Online Selling Products

Another way you earn money from Longrich is by selling their products. Here you need a sales page to drive people to. Or you can post your product on different groups that allow you to do so.

3. Offline Selling of Products

This option is great if you have a shop.

4. Become a Stockist

A stockist is one who host the products of longrich. But it requires a minimum of 2.4 million. But the awesome benefit of this is that you earn 4% of any sale comes from your shop. But the amazing benefit of this is you dont need to market a dime.As the company does this for you. Imagine your address written on the company website. People go to the website and buy from you. That's beautiful.

Why You Should Join Longrich

If you use products such as tooth paste, cream, hand creams and soap why not replace those items with products that earn you money.

VIP Benefit?

  • 7 figure weekly income.
  • Expense paid trip every year to the "abroad"
  • Become partaker of 1% of of total company sales as Diamond 4 member.
  • New sparkling Car two times in a year.
  • Free 4 Years MBA at REGIS University in Colorado in USA.
  • Brand new car award twice every year.
  • All expense paid luxury vacations abroad 2-3 times yearly.
  • $150 million house fund award at Star Director level.

To become a member you can send a whatsapp message to me on 08036532254.

You only need to purchase products worth a particular package.

Once you do this you earn points that qualify for other benefits. Such as commission, trips and cars.

Another benefit is you don't need monthly maintenance compared to other plans where if you don't purchase products in a specific month you return back to zero level. And you do't earn that month.

The points you generate from the purchase qualifies you to be a member and a personal membership code is generated for you.

Longrich has been a house hold and skin care manufacturing business platform for over 25 years before venturing into the multi level marketing business MLM Industry which is a noble profession just like any other … Architecture, Medicine, Teacher etc.

Below Are Some Longrich Products:

longrich toothpaste

Longrich Mosquito Repellent

longrich mosquito repellent

Longrich Alkaline Cup

longrich alkaline cup

Longrich Panty Liner

longrich panty liner

Longrich Bamboo Soap

Longrich is a very futuristic business, you’d get these benefits and MANY MORE!

If you love Franchising, here are the benefit of being a Stockist

7 Advantages of Being a Longrich Stockist

1. As a stockist you get products at very cheap price. In fact you also get some product for free.

2. You are recognized worldwide.

3. You have free marketing done for you. You don’t need to do paid advert although paid advert is a way to make more money.

4. You become a place for prospect registration. This means that you can easily get downlines  without struggling.

5. As a stockist you earn 4% of every sale made through your store. Amazing!

6. You can train prospect by default  without stress.

7. You gain access to free training. No need of paying money for transportation.

8. You become a Diamond 4 member. Yes just by registering as a stockist.

9. You just need one step up to qualify for a Car.

10. If you so desire –you can sell all your products at retail price and make your investment back

So tell me. Imagine you are a stockist right now. Imagine the company in China has your business address on its website. Imagine the pedigree it will give your business. Imagine , convincing prospects will be easy.

Entry Level
Longrich has 5 categories of Entry Level
1. Q Silver:  You need 60pv
You earn 8% in performance and 10% in development bonus

2. Silver you need 120pv

You earn 8% in performance bonus. You also earn 10% in development bonus.

3. Gold

You need 240PV. You earn 10% as performance bonus and 10% as development bonus.

4. Platinum

For the platinum level you need 720pv. You earn 12% performance bonus and 10% Development bonus.

5. Platinum VIP

You need 1680pv.
You earn
12% performance bonus.
10% development bonus.
1% monthly shares

Longrich has four bonuses they pay weekly
1. Performance bonus
2. Development bonus
3. Leadership bonus
4. Retail/repeat bonus

Performance Bonus

This bonus is given to you based how you perform in a week. It is given to you based on the lowest level of two of your legs.
The payment happens when pairing has occurred. It is paid to infinity generation.

Development Bonus

As with performance bonus it is paid on two lowest pvs from different legs. It is however 10%.

Retail Bonus

This bonus accrues when you buy products on retail price. The minimum order is 30pv. PV means Product Value.

Repeat Bonus this comes from order made from your e-wallet. Longrich gives you 5% of your money

N/b You can earn daily with Longrich through the( Fast Rich Pack)
This goes for 39900.

If however you are unable sign up with the FRP you can still earn the next day if someone signs up with Fast Rich Pack.

Leadership Bonus

This bonus goes to those who are team builders. So no team no leadership bonus.

The leadership comes with a caveat though . You earn leadership bonus if you can achieve 30pvs .

You can now join Longrich business with N9,800, This gives you a #2000 bonus. This is called the student pack. You can upgrade when you have the money.


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