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Ausli Network Compensation Plan and How To Get Started

Ausli known as Guangxi Ausli Biotech was established in 2012. Ausli is a company dedicated to production of top class health products. They adopted the MLM method in order to reduce marketing cost and to reward members. Ausli is a Chinese company and has incorporated traditional Chinese medicine into their products. According to Ausli, they incorporate medicinal herbs and adopt state of the art equipment to extract useful ingredients that helps improve the health of people who take the products.<br /> Contact Peter:  Ausli Nigeria Compensation Plan UNIQUE FEATURES OF AUSLI COMPENSATION PLAN :💥* • One Time Life International Registration • No Compulsory Purchase or Autoship • Points are cummulative • Upgrade can occur when you so desire • Payment is weekly /Withdrawal Anyday • Select your product of choice at registration • You can Place Order or Sign Up with

Longrich Entry Levels and Bonuses in Nigeria

In this post you would learn about Longrich business opportunity and Longrich entry levels. If you want to learn how to make money with longrich then read this post titled: How to Make Money on Auto Pilot through Longrich in Nigeria contact Adeniyi: The performance bonus . It simply means total activity done each week by the organization. As the Activities accumulate they calculate it as points and at the end of the week they pay you a percentage based on how you partner with the company.  The Entry-level. we have four MAJOR entry-level. 1. Silver 2  Gold 3. Platinum 4.  VIP Every week the organization pays you. IF YOU ENTER IN AS SILVER YOU ARE PAID 8% IF YOU ENTER IN AS Gold YOU ARE PAID 10% IF YOU ENTER IN AS platinum YOU ARE PAID 12% but if you enter in as VIP you are paid 12% weekly and then 1% on the global profit of the company -that is the perfor