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One of the Best Weight Loss Products in Nigeria

BURN SLIM Burn slim is a weight loss and a diet supplement aimed at assisting individuals to lose weight. A supplement is concerned with providing people with a natural means of losing weight compared to using the artificial means that result in adverse side effects. It uses natural and environmentally friendly ingredients all working together towards assisting you as the user lose weight. It is said to be an effective, fast and efficient way to lose that extra pound you have gained. Advantages of burn slim It may increase the amount of energy released at any given time promoting physical and mental endurance levels. It puts the fats ingested and those stored into better us by converting them into energy. Might promote the development of lean muscle for the individual using the supplement. Promotes increased bloat flow reading to an increased oxygen levels in the body and thu

Longrich Commonly Asked Questions

These are some commonly asked questions about longrich. If you want to join Longrich send a whatsapp message here to Mrs Adeniyi: What is the meaning of PV in Longrich? Every Longrich product has a value attached to it known as the purchase value. For example, the toothpaste has a PV of 3.5 and the mouth freshener has a PV of 2.2. ... Your personal purchases determine your entry level. How do I check my PV on longrich? Why should join Longrich? Longrich enables you to earn extra income from what you use everyday (household items or daily consumables), all that is required of you is to switch your brand and by so doing, you establish a goldmine in your home. LONGRICH products are highly effective.J What is Longrich all about? Longrich is a Multinational Company. ... And now they have provided a platform for individuals like You and Me to tap into their Trillion

Benefits of Longrich

Retail Bonus is difference between selling and purchase performance bonus. it simply means total activity done each week by the organization. as the Activities accumulate they calculate it as point and at the end of the week they pay the total point and pay you a percentage based on how you partner with the company or the entry level. we have four MAJOR entry level. 1. Gold 2 Silver 3. PLATINUM VIP every week the organization pays you IF YOU ENTER IN AS SILVER YOU ARE PAID 8% IF YOU ENTER IN AS Gold YOU ARE PAID 10% IF YOU ENTER IN AS platinum YOU ARE PAID 12% but if you enter in as vip you are paid 12% weekly and then 1% on the global profit of the comapnay that is the performance bonus. and with PB you earn unlimited earning on pb there is no cap on the number of people you can earn. and remeber it is paid every week. the next thing i want to talk about is the development bonus. in longrich company the smart way to grow this business is to technically refer