Benefits of Longrich

Retail Bonus is difference between selling and purchase performance bonus. it simply means total activity done each week by the organization.

as the Activities accumulate they calculate it as point and at the end of the week they pay the total point and pay you a percentage based on how you partner with the company or the entry level.
we have four MAJOR entry level.
1. Gold
2 Silver

every week the organization pays you


but if you enter in as vip you are paid 12% weekly and then 1% on the global profit of the comapnay that is the performance bonus.

and with PB you earn unlimited earning
on pb there is no cap on the number of people you can earn. and remeber it is paid every week.
the next thing i want to talk about is the development bonus.
in longrich company the smart way to grow this business is to technically refer 3 people. if you refer three people in this business you can max your compensation plan. the moment your three people are in place your development bonus gets activated.
and how is the development bonus paid?

every week longrich international pay 10% of evry person in your genealogy.
they pay unlimited.

unlimited means if you make 1 billion dollars this week you make that money. It doesnt matter if you have 5 , 10 or 100 people . that is the development bonus.

the next is the leadership bonus.

leadership bonus allows you to earn on everyone up to 12 generation.
leadershipp bonus is paid based on your rank.

yor rank means that after you join the business you accumulate some point.

and that point will move you up and up and up

and the ranks
you have d1, d2, d3, d4, d4 -d7

and after this you have enter into the stars star 1-5

the next bonus is our retail order bonus

remember i told you that when people buy products they making retail bonus and if they are under you as they buy and sell products Longrich international pays 4.5% up to 15 level. what this means that the people you brought as they buy products Longrich gives you 4.5% on whatever purchases they make up to 15 levels.

that is the retail order bonus.

one wonderful thing about Longrich international is that they have tangible real life incentives,

and the first incentive is the free travel incentive.
every year we have four destination
china and dubai is constnat while Singapore and Malaysia is alternative

when longrich gives you the travel incentives the accomodation, flight, feeding. Every thing is taken care of. And on top of this and pocket money is given you as want to spend.

one viable thing is that when you put those countries longrich take you all the exciting places, and cities of those countries.

the second amazing incentives which is the dream of any smart person. That is the free car.
I am smiling becuase the first time i heard this i thought it was one of those thing until i got my car within 5 months.

longrich allows you to win a free car after you have made some peoint.

it is blessed to have a car for free. For free. Nad that is what longrich brings to us.

The next incentive is our free educational scholarship.
Longrich has a university that they partner with that allows you to have a four years free scholarship.
and if you dont want to go, you can write a letter giving it to someone else. giving it to a friend, a sibling, a child. The letter will tell people to gop on your behalf.

the next one which is so ammazing. is the free house.

Longrich gives you 150000 dollars worth of house for free almost worth 25 million naira.

wow this is an amazing opportunity.

some people ask why are they ging so much.

you no longrich started the mlm aspect several years ago though they had existed for 30 years.

tfor those 30 years they produced for companies like mark and spencer.

you see they decided as part of the csr they decided to add the mlm so that people can get cars, houses, and travel.

that is why they decided that instead of spending money on adverts they can offer the money to you.

so longrich said instead use our platform, come and use our  products and become a our distributor.

how do I partner with longrich?

I know you are excited and you love what you have seen.

you love the products
and you love the compensation.

longrich has four ways to partner with them

1. the vip package. the vip package is for those who want to come big.

for those who want to invest big and it is higher than other package.

as a vip, every week you earn the 12% performance bonus and every month you earn 1% of the global profit of the comapny and ultimately any money you pay longrich is not registration fee or processing fee. The money you pay is for the money given you for retail. so when you dispose the product you make your money back.

so from day 1 your money is gotten back. that is the vip package.

the next package is the platinum package for those who think the platnum package is too much. Platinum package comes with only.......
note again for the platinum package you are entitled for 12% performance bonus i just mention.
remeber there is no money again you pay again to longrich that they dont give you product in return. so fro every product you make your money back with profit.

the next package for those who still think that ahhh ...... is too much is the gold package. the gold package is  the ........ ......allows you to earn 10% every week on the performance bonus and of course the gold package allows you to get enough products to make your money back in excess that is profit.

and of course for those who are recent graduates who want to also make money, longrich say come in as a silver. as a silver you just start the business with just .......naira yes ......naira.
and again the silver allows you to earn the performance bonus of 8 % every week and it also allows you to earn product that on you sell you make more money.

and Longrich allows you to partner with them in any of this package.
and if you want to move to the next level you dont pay a higher amount you just pay the difference.

for example is you started with 60000 naira you dont pay 120000 to move to the next level you just pay 60000.

remeber registering with longrich is freee.

and finally after coming on in this packages you work to any longrich to buy any amount you want to buy.but to activate the bonus you need to enter with any of these package.

and note this that because we  use leverage the earlier you partner the more you make as people come under you.
timing is essential so that why we say the choice is yours to change your future.

your choice determines your life.

what you are today depends on the choices you made yesterday..

what you are tomorrow are definiteley going to be the choices you make now.

  • longrich pays weekly
  • no target
  • no autoship meaning every moth you are not mandated to
  • you can open multiple account
  • 5 free monthly products
  • free travel tips
  • free cars
  • selling is not a must

sometime what holds us back is our mindset.

This allows us to have the world as our market.
In the 21st century, if you are not online you are out of the world.
if your business is not online you are out of business.

Longrich allows to have a free backoffice.

a free website that you can access and see whatever your activity, your team and how much you have earned.

Remember you are paid into your personal account everyday.

The future belongs to those who see possibilities.

if you are born poor its not your fault but if you die poor it is your fault


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