Longrich Commonly Asked Questions

These are some commonly asked questions about longrich. If you want to join Longrich send a whatsapp message here to Mrs Adeniyi: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=8036532254&text=I%20want%20to%20join%20Longrich

What is the meaning of PV in Longrich?

Every Longrich product has a value attached to it known as the purchase value. For example, the toothpaste has a PV of 3.5 and the mouth freshener has a PV of 2.2. ... Your personal purchases determine your entry level.

How do I check my PV on longrich?

Why should join Longrich?

Longrich enables you to earn extra income from what you use everyday (household items or daily consumables), all that is required of you is to switch your brand and by so doing, you establish a goldmine in your home. LONGRICH products are highly effective.J

What is Longrich all about?

Longrich is a Multinational Company. ... And now they have provided a platform for individuals like You and Me to tap into their Trillion Dollar Longrich business without spending a fortune like big companies do. By leveraging on Longrich products, you can make 6-7 figures every month from the comfort of your home.

Is Longrich Legitimate?

Longrich Bioscience appears to be a legitimate health and wellness company with over 30 years of experience. It has won

numerous awards and accolades for its excellence in the industry. Longrich Bioscience's research facility is so large that it is considered to be its own city in China.

What is longrich and how does it work?

Women's health products, they have a unique collection of women's products and they claim that their products are chemical free, a huge relief in their niche field. Personal volume sets, independent distributors are required to achieve a certain amount of volume sets before they get any compensation.

Who is the owner of longrich?
Longrich was Founded by Mr Xu.Zhiwei a Capenter who encourage his fellow townsmen to get rich together with as entrepreneurs. In 1986, He founded the Snake Industry Company of Changshu, the budding form of Longrich Group.

Names of Longrich Products?

  • Longrich Superbklean Magnetic Energy Panty Liner - 30 Pieces ₦ 20,500
  • Longrich Mosquito Spray Repellent₦ 2,500 
  • Natural Essence Bamboo Charcoal Soap ₦ 2,070 
  • White Tea Multi - Effect Toothpaste 200g ₦ 1,260 
  • SOD Body Cream Milk ₦ 1,800
  • Arthro SupReviver- (Stroke, Arthritis, Bone, Joints, Rheumatism, Immune System ₦ 7,000 
  • Longrich Herbal Moisturizing Body Wash ₦ 2,700 
  • Pink Slimming Tea For Weight Loss - 15 Tea Bags ₦ 2,610
  • LIBAO Male Fertility Supplement Boost Sperm Count 160capsule ₦ 9,600
  • Green (Xinchang) Tea ₦ 2,600
  • Pink Slimming Tea For Weight Loss - 15 Tea Bags ₦ 2,950
  • Longrich NUTRI V RICH PINK₦ 36,500 
  • Superbklean Panty Liner ₦ 2,000 
  • Blood Pressure And Fat Reducing (Tianjiang) Tea ₦ 4,000
  • Toothpaste (200g) Whitening Teeth. ₦ 1,500
  • Sheep Placenta Sod Milk Body Cream ₦ 1,800 
  • Longrich Herbal Moisturizing Body Wash ₦ 3,000 
  • Longrich White Tea Multi- Effect Toothpaste - (200g) ₦ 1,250 
  • Longrich Charcoal Soap Natural Essence Bamboo ₦ 2,800
  • Longrich Toothpaste White Multi Effect (200g) ₦ 1,600
  • Longrich Mouth Freshner-portable For Mouth Odour And Cavity ₦ 1,100
  • Longrich Classy Energy Oil-less Pot ₦ 92,000
  • Longrich White Tea Toothpaste 200g ₦ 2,000
  • Longrich Rejuvenating Body Lotion ₦ 2,450
  • Longrich Pink Slimming Tea For Weight Loss - 15 Tea Bags ₦ 2,950
  • LongrichBrightening Hand Cream 100g ₦ 1,450 
  • LIBAO Male Fertility Supplement Boost Sperm Count 160capsule ₦ 10,000
  • Superbklean Magnetic Anion Sanitary Pad (4in1 ₦ 1,450
  • Longrich Natural Long Rich Herbal Body Wash ₦ 2,950
  • Longrich Sheep Placenta Sod Milk Moisturizing Ultra-Rich Body Cream ₦ 2,000
  • Longrich Cordyceps Militaris Decaffeinated Coffee₦ 6,000 

  • Longrich Male Fertility Supplement (LIBAO)₦ 11,000 
  • Longrich Green (Xinchang) Tea With Multiple Body Treating Effect
  • ₦ 3,500 
  • Longrich Blood Pressure And Fat Reducing (Brown) Tea ₦ 2,600 
  • Longrich  Natural Essence Bamboo Charcoal Soap ₦ 2,400 
  • Longrich Multi Effect Tooth Paste (200g) ₦ 2,000 
  • Longrich White Tea Multi Effect Toothpaste -200g ₦ 1,650 
  • Longrich Superbklean Magnetic Anion Sanitary Pads (3n1) ₦ 4,000 
  • Longrich ANTIPERSPIRANT DEW(ROLL ON) ₦ 1,400
  • Longrich MENGQIAN FEMALE FERTILITY SUPPLEMENT 160 Capsules ₦ 9,790
  • Vintage Wine 500ml ₦ 6,900
  • Baby Prickly Heat Powser #3,600
  • White Tea Toothpaste ₦ 1,750
  • Body Wash Herbal Moisturising ₦ 3,300
  • Female Fertility Supplement (Mengqian)
  • ₦ 9,950

How many countries does longrich operate?

183 countries

Longrich trademark has been registered in 183 countries. Longrich (Jiangsu Longliqi) Longrich is a Chinese company focusing on development, production and distribution of beauty and health products. Its products are sold in more than 60 countries and regions around the world including Malaysia, Taiwan, Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines and since 2014 in the process to expand the business to the United Arab ...

What is performance bonus in longrich?

Share. The performance bonus is a bonus paid to you weekly based on your entry level according to the number of PV's generated in your team in each group or leg. The PV which is the Point Value is accumulated through. Buying of products by the team because every Longrich product has a PV.

What is longrich compensation plan?

Longrich Compensation plan. ... Longrich marketing plan operates on the powerful Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) strategy where the sales force is compensated for both the sales they personally generate and also for the other people's sales they recruited into the plan.

How do you upgrade on longrich?

Once you are signed up, you can only move upward through a process called 'Upgrade'. Usually, Longrich will open a window of upgrade to enable you move from your current entry level to another. Once this window is opened, you can upgrade from one level to any level.


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