Profilemate Review: How to Ethically Steal Instagram Followers and Clients From Your Competitors


Image of Software dashboard that helps you gain leads on Instagra,

In this post you will learn about Profile mate software.

Profilemate is an incredible software.

You can watch or read about the software. 

Instagram DM or direct message is an amazing and highly underrated strategy you as a business or agency owner can deploy to grow your brand and get clients.

When deployed in the right way Instagram DM marketing will enable you to reach out to any influencers, or business or even individuals and establish the connection that puts money into your account.

However, as effective as this process is -it slows down your ability to scale your business.

Imagine having to jump into the DM of 100’s of people.

Imagine the time needed to achieve this.

Think about the stress and money involved if you are to hire a good VA to do it for you.

To solve this problem, Luke McGuire a seasoned Digital marketer came up with a tool that not only solves the problem of:

  1. Jumping into the DM of lots of people
  2. Wasting time determining if they are the right fit.
  3. Getting their emails organically

What is the Name of the Tool?

Profile Mate.

What does Profile Mate Do?

Profile mate makes it possible for you as a business owner to:

  • Enter any Instagram Page (It could be your own, your competition, or multiple competition).
  • Use profilemate to scan all the Instagram pages and pull up the available public data.
  • Download & mass contact your new list of hundreds to even thousands of daily NEW emails of your target market - People who want you to contact them.

Who is ProfileMate for?

Profilemate is for

• Businesses
• marketers
• agencies
• small businesses

If you are in any of these categories, then using PROFILE MATE is darn necessary.

Now we are aware of people who can use Profilemate let’s look at how to set up profile mate.

After obtaining PROFILE MATE the next thing is for you Login to the website. After logging onto the platform, install the CHROME EXTENSION.

Once the installation is complete enter your Instagram username to access the extension.

Once you are on the dashboard, you can then extract contacts from your profile or those of your competitors depending on your objectives.

Below are different ways you can generate leads.

1. From your Instagram Profile Followers
2. From Hashtags
3. From other Instagram followers.
4. From competitors.
5. From Location

You can also use PROFILEMATE to

. Find trending content

The content will enable you to provide content that can easily go viral.

To find trending content, enter the required keyword, you can streamline the content you get by location.

Summary of how Profile Mate Works

Enter Any Insta Page (Yours, A Competitors Or Even Multiple competitors).

Click scan to have profilemate scan through all the pages FOLLOWERS (Pull all public data for you in seconds).

Download & mass contact your new list of hundreds to even thousands of daily NEW emails of your target market who WANT to you to contact them.

How to Use Profile Mate (Image Version)

Before explaining how to use profile mate, let me show you parts of the software and Instagram.

Image 1: The Dashboard of the software

Profilemate dashboard

Image 2: Instagram Page of Tony Robbins

Image 3: People who Follow Tony Robbins on Instagram

Image 3: People who Follow Tony Robbins on Instagram

Image 4: CSV File of Database extracted from the Software ProfileMate

Steps on How to Use Profile Mate to Get Leads on Instagram

STEP 1: Download Chrome Extension

To do this, click on the install profile mate on the right of the screen.

How to Install Profile Mate

Step 2: Click on Find Users

Step 3: Extract Information of Instagram Users

You can choose the information based on:

  • followers/followings of any usernames
  • Users /top likers
  • specific posts liker/commenters
  • hashtag
  • location

Step 4: Select the View “My Own Account” or View any Other Account Analytics

If you want to build up targeted following and generate leads, then you should go for the second option.

Step 5:Enter the Instagram username of the Competitor You Want to Analyze

Step 5:Enter the Instagram username of the Competitor You Want to Analyze

Step 7: Analysis of Tony Robbins Instagram Profile

You can do this for any other profile

Step 8: Click on Download Followers

You can use the email extractor in the software to get their emails and other users

Step 9: Extracted Data from The Followers

Download the data as CSV files for further analysis.

Analysis for Other Niches

You can use the email extractor in the software to then get their emails and other users

Here “AffiliateMentorship” Handle is Analyzed.

Database of Affiliate Mentorship

After analysis, it extracts the data into CSV

NikeSportwear Instagram Handle Also Analyzed

After analysis, it extracts the data into CSV

NikeSport wear Instagram Handle Also Analyzed

How Much is the Cost?

Profilemate price is only $67 for lifetime.(aff link)

Profile mate has an upsell option. Getting the upsell is optional.

14 Things to do to Grow Your Following and leads on Instagram :

If you are looking at building not only your following but leads and sales on Instagram, then you must do more than posting pictures. You need to understand your audience, know what content they desire and where you can find them.

Regarding where you can find them, I advocate you use the tool Profilemate. Apart from that, having a clear cut strategy is important. Below are 14 tips you should implement to achieve your goal of growing your following and leads on Instagram.

  • Create quality content

Think through before creating content. Look out for content that drives the most engagement within your niche. Hack the content and tailor it to fit your voice. Look at trending content and see how it communicates value to your audience. Apart from trend, post evergreen content. This form of content will apply to your audience months and years after posting.

  • Post live content

Deploy Instagram live to update your followers on trends. Video fast tracks authority compared to text. Emotional bonding with your audience skyrockets when applied.

  • Post consistently.

Share an average of two post daily. Daily posting helps the algorithm to position your content in front of your followers. Consistent posting drives engagement when done well.

  • Collaborate with Influencers

Establish a relationship with influencers. If you are starting, you can build a relationship with micro-influencers. This expands the reach of your content and helps grow your following.

  • Instagram’s analytics

Identifying the best time to post and insight on best performing content is key in growing your Instagram following. One such tool that helps you do this is Owlmetrics. Owlmetrics is almost an all round tool for all things Instagram analytics.

It tracks engagement, followers growth hashtag activity, and click-through rate.

  • Interact with your followers

Endeavour to like and reply comments of your followers. This builds connection with your followers. Engaging with your audience start conversations. And when done intelligently, your audience gets to know you better. It provides you with the opportunity to know them better and also to relay their grievance or concern to you.

  • Host contests

You can set up contest on Instagram. Setting up a contest increases the buzz around your brand or new product launch, generates new email leads and sales. Contest also fosters new relationships and deepens old ones.

  • Share Content Across platform

Cross posting content gets more eyeball on your content. This inturn leads to more leads and sales. You can use Hootsuite to do this.

  • Optimize your Instagram profile

Your Instagram profile is the landing page that followers first encounter. Your profile allows you to tell your followers about your brand. You can use your profile to drive traffic to your website, where followers will get more information about your brand.

  • Use searchable keywords on your Instagram profile.

Use specific keyword that users search for. This will increase your brand visibility.

  • Add Human Connection.

Authenticity is key for Instagram growth. Personalize your brand. Share personal stories that humanizes your brand. You will get more followers doing this.

  • What is your competitor doing?

Analyze the content of your competitors. By analyzing your competitors -you find out how well your content is doing compared to similar brands. This helps you know how many times to post, and what kind of content to post.

  • Share content that has gone viral elsewhere

Repost viral content. Avoid sharing your competitors' content. Viral content generates added visibility and would increase your followership count. However, remember to credit the author.

  • Link in bio

Instagram prevents you from putting clickable links in images and videos.

What can you do? Direct them to the clickable link on your bio. However, optimize the links.


Send them to landing page or use third-party tools like linktree and

N.B you could find affiliate link on the Page.

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