Ulesson App Download: 10 Reason to Subscribe to this Learning App for Secondary Pupils in Nigeria


The Best Online Education App in Nigeria

If you need a learning app for a child in secondary school to read then you need Ulesson.

Ulesson is a child's reading programme (app) for children in secondary school that helps them read their books.

U Lesson Online learning is an educational platform that allows students and pupils to take part in courses that match the curriculum in Nigeria via the internet.


You can accomplish this using a tablet, a computer, or even an android phone.

Ulesson is outstanding in the sense that it tailors the classes to cover the curriculum of pupils and students in Nigeria.

The classes are easy to understand as the best of teachers in the country were hired to teach these courses. Imagine having the best of teachers sit with your kids in the same room.

How Much would you pay in a month?





It could be much more considering you have the subject atught include Maths, english, Sciences, such as Basic Science and Basic Technology at the Junior Level, and Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Government, CRK at the senior level.

What is amazing about the offer is that they are going to charge you just #2000 a month. This is apart from the 3gb data they offer your kids to use to watch the lessons every month.

3gb amounts to about 1500 every month. Multiplied by 12, it amounts to 18000 naira.

In essence ULesson is charging you just #4000 naira for a yearly subscription.

This an amazing offer.

It is mind-blowing in the sense that people who have used Ulesson have seen massive changes in the academic performance of their kids.

You can see the testimonies in this video.

Thats why it is the number one online platform I recommend to Parents whose kids are slow learners.

                             GET THE ACCESS TO THE WEBSITE HERE

This is so true because pupils and students who use the platform are praising the platform because of the transformation it brings.

In Summary here's;

10 Reasons You Should Get a Copy of Ulesson APP.

There are many benefits to learning online, but the biggest ones are:

1. The freedom to learn whatever you want

Ulesson enables your child to choose the subject he or she desires to learn. The parent can structure a timetable and the child simply logs in and take the specific subject. 

2.Comfort of learning from your own home

The child can easily learn from the comfort of the home. If there is a distraction, parents should simply set aside a reading room. This helps to cure distraction.

3.Ulesson offers the ultimate convenience and flexibility.

Since the classes are online, the classes are very flexible. The child can easily focus on topics where he or she finds difficulty in understanding. With exceptional illustration, the ease of assimilation increases.

4. Reduced education costs

 Ulesson can come to the rescue If a parent is faced with a financial challenge. Instead of coughing out an average of 360000 yearly to provide additional classes, parents can secure the Ulesson app for their kids. This can be a huge relief to a Parent.

5.More opportunities for teacher-student interaction.

Ulesson can improve teacher student interaction. With over 18000 quiz questions, pupils can easily have questions to answer. Time that would have been allotted to setting of questions can be allocated to more fruitful interaction.

6 Ulesson affords Pupils and students to study at your own pace.

Not all kids can learn at the same pace. Some brilliant kids have an average performance in school because their rate of assimilating a topic is slow. As a result of impatient teachers, a lot of Kids cannot reach their full potential.

In a self paced learning environment this becomes a thing of the past.

7.Expand your career horizons

With Ulesson kids can discover their strength. This is unlike in the school environment where time is limited. Flexible learning time gives room for a child who is a science student to also learn  art subjects in a conducive learning environment.

8.Gain greater access to experts in their fields

As I mentioned earlier, the teachers in Ulessons are the best in Nigeria. They were hired and paid heavily just to produce these courses. They paid tutors as much as a million naira.

For you to command such a fee you should know they definitely are the best.

9.Greater ability to concentrate

A lot of kids cannot concentrate because of distraction from their peers.

Ulesson solves this menace.

A lot of kids who are brilliant perform averagely because of distraction from their classmates

10. Study according to your learning style

Each of us has a unique learning style. Ulesson incorporates the different learning styles. This personalized approach makes it easier for lots of pupils and students to succeed.

What's stopping you from getting started?

Say no. As I earlier stated, they will give 3gb of data to parents free each month.


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