13 Reasons You Should Join Learnoflix Affiliate Marketing Program for Nigerians


Why You Should Join Learnoflix


1. Learnoflix Pays Nigerians without Difficulty

JVZoo, ClickBank are all exceptional affiliate platforms. But have a specific challenge, they are foreign owned and getting access to your money is not as simple as paying into your bank account. By signing up to Learnoflix you won’t have payment issues.


2. Learnoflix is owned by Someone who has In Depth Knowledge of the Nigerian marketing scene.

The reason lots of Nigerian fail in making money online is because they don't domesticate the marketing lessons learnt in foreign countries. For example, WhatsApp marketing is not a thing in America and the UK but it is a big thing in Nigeria. As a result, lots of entrepreneurs have been able to hit 6 and 7 figure income using the platform. Learnoflix offers an amazing course that teaches you how to master WhatsApp marketing and make money from the comfort of your home.

3. Learnoflix is Owned by Sam Havard

Sam is a business coach who rose from the ashes of poverty to become a multimillionaire. He achieved this through hard work. In fact, Sam was homeless in January 2016 without the support of the Dad. These difficulties he went through made him graduate with a third class. He put in the work because academically he knew his certificate was near to useless. But today his story has changed. Through dint of hard work, he pulled in 200million in 6 months. Well, he is doing something great now and made over 200 million naira in 6 months without creating a product of his own. If you want to know how he achieved this, it is safe to say you are invited to join the train now!

4. Multiple Withdrawal Option

Learnoflix gives you multiple withdrawal options. You can withdraw from learnoflix through your bank account. You can withdraw from GTBANK, Polaris, Kuda etcetera. They also offered you the opportunity to make withdrawals through PayPal. This is effective if you live outside Nigeria.

5. You Don't require a huge threshold before withdrawal.

Many affiliate marketing programs outside Nigeria have a high threshold rate. You need to earn nothing less than $100. Learnoflix gives you the option of withdrawing as you so desire. You can withdraw your earning even if it is as low as 3000 naira

6.Learnoflix Sell Digital Products.

Learnoflix is an online portal where you buy digital products. Digital products are easy to sell compared to physical products, since transactions occur online. You don't need to stress yourself handling delivery issues. All you require is to refer the product to people interested in them.This gives you the opportunity to make higher sales compared to sales in conventional non digital products.

7. Learnoflix Offers Free Luxury Travel and Gifts.

You can travel to places like Dubai when you reach a certain threshold. Other gift items you can win with the company include laptops and smartphones and watches.

8. You can Adopt a Second Income Stream

Any man who focuses on one stream of income will most likely remain in poverty. By joining Learnoflix you can earn a second income stream. You can earn as a student, teacher, or worker.

9. It requires little or no expertise

You don't need to be an expert to earn with learnoflix. A little training is all that's required to gain your first success. If you are a blogger, you can decide to write a well-optimized blog post that generates organic traffic for you. A well-optimized post will generate traffic for you on autopilot. The traffic in turn increases the chances of people purchasing the product on offer.

10. You work at your pace..

Working with Learnoflix is a passive income opportunity. You choose when you want to work. You can work within a flexible schedule. The environment is not a limitation if you have access to the internet. You don't even need to handle customer concerns. You can direct Customers' concern to the customer care team.

11. Learnoflix Offers you free training..

As an affiliate of learnoflix, they offer you training on how to promote different affiliate offers. Sam believes the success of his affiliate is the success of his business. Having this at the back of his mind is refreshing. Most affiliate offers come with powerful and well-designed landing pages that are self converting. You can learn the PATTS Framework for free when you sign up with Learnoflix.

12. Learnoflix Gives you the opportunity to adopt limitless promotion methods.

There are lots of ways you can promote learnoflix. You can promote it on YouTube. You can also promote it on your blog. You can even create your own online course and recommend it to your students. You can also adopt email marketing. You can decide to run ads to a landing page or use Social Media as a tool to promote learnoflix. Several people make millions using strictly Facebook organic strategies.

13. It’s a low-cost business opportunity

Have you ever wondered how to get a business with low entry barrier? If you answered yes, then know Learnoflix is the answer. You don't need a huge capital outlay to get started compared to other businesses. 

There are practically no barriers to joining. Compared to other business ventures, you don’t need to have a huge capital on hand. All you need to have is electricity and internet connectivity. Knowing how to build a blog or a website is a plus. 

One benefit of blogging is that you can use it to promote your affiliate products either through ads or targeted content. Tech-savviness is not 100% required, though. Some people have become successful in affiliate marketing through social media. A combination of both is what I suggest. The more avenues you explore, the more chances of winning!

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