Learnoflix Hyper Hot Digital Products that Will Change Your Life in Nigeria

If you want to get into affiliate marketing or you need some products to promote, then you can join Learnoflix.

I signed up with learnoflix a few months back and having consumed several courses on the platform; I listed out some courses on the platform.

This should help you if you are seeking to make money online

WhatsApp Marketing Complete Bundle 

 Courses listed in WhatsApp Marketing Complete Bundle: 

  •  Module1: Social Media Concept And Algorithm Change 
  •  Module2: Some key Statistics About WhatsApp 
  •  Module3: Building Your WhatsApp Contacts. 
  •  Module 4: How To Engage Your Contacts. Pt 1 (The Status Hack) 
  •  Module 5: How To Engage Your Contacts.pt 2 (The Broadcast Hack)
  •  Module 6: Use Testimonials. 


  In This Special Webinar, you will learn the Power Of WhatsApp And How You Can Leverage WhatsApp To Generate Over 50k Weekly. 

  If you watch the video to The End Of The Presentation, you will learn how to achieve this if you implement the technique shared in the video. 

 As a bonus, Sam will also teach you:

How He Made 850,000(Naira) In Only 3 days With WhatsApp and how you can COPY AND PASTE this technique and smile at the bank.

MLM Automation System Bundle (All You Need To Succeed Without Ever Prospecting Again)  
In this course you learn how to master the act of closing your prospect for your Multi level marketing business. 

So whether it is Longrich, AIM, Oriflame, this course is the secret you need to succeed in your networking business. 

Here's what you will learn: 

 Lesson #1: Evolution Of MLM 
 Lesson #2: Why the New Mlm Strategy? 
 Lesson #3: Simple but Working Strategy (Video 1)
 Lesson #4: Simple but Working Strategy (Video 2) 


Lesson #1: Sales Funnel Copywriting Structure Part 1 Day2: 
Lesson #2: Sales Funnel Copywriting Structure Part 2 Day2: 
Lesson #3: Sales Funnel Copywriting Structure Part 3 DAY2: 
Lesson #4: Sales Funnel Copywriting Structure Part 4 DAY2: 
Lesson #5: Sales Funnel Copywriting Structure Part 5 


How To Build A Successful MLM Business Without Prospecting Or Directly Recruiting Anymore. 

  • Here you will gain access to 5000 emails of networkers-People willing to sign up to your business 
  • You will also learn how to hook your audience, tell powerful stories, and craft action taking offers. 
  • You will learn to set up sales automation system training You will learn to run ads on Facebook, Instagram 
  • You will also learn to build a website(Sales funnel that ties them to buy your thing) 
  •  You will also get access a WhatsApp marketing secrets 
  • You will also learn copywriting secrets for MlM businesses and gain access to the email list marketing strategy 

Ultimate Guide To Instagram Marketing 

 In this Masterclass, you'll learn the exact ads strategy used to grow the business from zero to 8 millions in 190 days. 

 You'll know how to grow & scale your Business Online Using Instagram and you'll also gain access to a private consultation for free. 

 In this course you will learn how to: 

  • Create an Instagram Business Page in minutes Optimize Instagram Page and make it easy cash out Gain 500+ Real Instagram Followers in under 24hrs 
  • 3 Ways To Make Payment For your Instagram Ads Step By Step method to Getting Your First Ads Approved Run IG Ads For your brand/business and how to do so for any other business while smiling to the bank  
  • How To Fix Disapproved Ads How To Monitor IG Ads For Best Results (CPC, Comm, SPT)


The Ultimate Guide To Anonymous Selling Selling has been the main method to take your Monetary Status to a higher level. 

For example, we can see this in Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, who is currently Worth 198.3 billion USD in 2020. So coming down to our level, this course will show you how he made #800000  in a 30 days timeline. 

The training will reveal secrets to Jeff's success. In this training you will learn:

 ✅ How to fast track the sale of your digital products. 
 ✅ How to identify the right audience for your products
 ✅ And the sacred art of closing 

 Bonus Included ⤵️ 
 ♻️ Instagram For Business (Free digital book).. 
 ♻️ WhatsApp Advertising Outline (Free digital book).. 
 ♻️ Anonymous Selling Ninja blueprint (WhatsApp and Wire Support) that will make you smile to the bank 
 ♻️ Live Inquiries and Answers Each Saturday (Zoom)... 

 Here's the course outline 

 Lesson 1: What's Anonymous Selling & How Does it Works. 
Lesson 2: What Product Are You Selling or Promoting 
Lesson 3: Why Digital Product will Earn You More Money 
Lesson 4: How to Get the Best Selling Digital Product 
Lesson 5: How to Sell My Digital Product 
Lesson 6: What's Placement 
Lesson 7: How to Choose the Right Placement 
Lesson 8: How to Target the Right Audience 
Lesson 9: How to get the Lowest Cost Per Click 
Lesson 10: How to Set Your Instagram for Business 
Lesson 11: How to Monitor Your Advert 
Lesson 12: Facebook Vs Instagram Advert 
Lesson 13: What do I mean by Closing Sales 
Lesson 14: How To Sell Digital Products on Learnoflix
 Lesson 15: How To Sell My Digital Product (Practical ViD) 

Graphic Design with your Smart Phone %40 - $10.80 

 If you desire to master the art of graphic design, then Benedict's course will guide you through the process. 

 You will also start earning from the skill by offering professional graphic design services with your Smart Phone as the training will guide you on how you can create graphic designs. The psychology and secrets behind every amazing graphic design will also be revealed.

Forex Made Easy (Basics to Advanced) 

 Do you want to make money from forex then this training will guide you through the process? 

 Muna's course will help: 

1. Newbies who wants a step-by-step guide on how to trade the Forex market.. 
2. Anyone who wants to minimize their loss and make profit
3. if you are looking to improve their Forex knowledge and skill set and wish to trade the right way and maximize profits. 
 4. Anyone interested in making money online with Forex trading.


Forex Made Easy Course Ad Video Presentation Hack Complete Bundle 

 https://learnoflix.com/course/presentation-hack-complete-bundle?aff=33670 https://learnoflix.com/course/presentation-hack-complete-bundle?aff=33670


Traffic. Clicks. Conversion. (The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing) 

 Traffic clicks conversion is all you need to be successful in affiliate marketing. 

 So if you are looking at how to run ads on Facebook and YouTube ads this course is for you. In this course, you would learn where to find free and paid traffic. 
And will also learn how to beat the algorithm .

 You also get a bonus on how to sell hot digital products and make up to 75k weekly even if you have little or no experience. 

How To Sell Hot Digital Products and Make Upto 88k Or More Weekly Without Having Any Experience In Digital Marketing

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