Digital Marketing Without a Degree: Is it Necessary?

things you should do to become a marketer

Digital Marketing Without a Degree: is it Possible? 

Most times, young people who are passionate about getting into the marketing space wonder if it is necessary to get into digital marketing or marketing without a degree.

To answer the above question, I filtered over 200 responses and so here are my findings.

1. Having a Marketing Degree is Useful but Not Compulsory

A marketing degree teaches the fundamentals of marketing strategy, such as research, segmentation, brand positioning, brand and sales activation, etc. These principles have remained the same over the years.. 

So when it comes to learning strategy, having a degree in marketing is a plus however. when it comes to tactics, studying marketing is no longer useful. Reason being that tools such as Facebook, Google analytics, Tik Tok and other platform are fluid and dynamic. Those heavily in support of having a degree have strong opinions that young people without degrees are strong on tactics, but no strategy.

A mix in these regards is a plus. However, I believe there are online courses that can help close this gap.

2. Case Studies Gives You an Advantage

You need to have a bunch of case studies, if you intend growing in the marketing space. While having a degree is a plus, having proof of solving clients' challenges will make it easier to land a job. Upwork, Fiverr and documenting individual helps you've rendered for small business will definitely move your careers forward. 

Who doesnt like proof.

3. Networking is Important

To grow in the marketing space network. This is where having good communication skill is important. You must learn how to build and retain relationship.

4. Diversity of Thought is an Advantage.

Can you communicate the usefulness of your diversity? Most organization seeking to fill a marketing position are not just looking for marketing majors. If you can prove that your computer degree is a plus to the company, you will definitely get hired. This is because the organization understands that i different backgrounds and degrees are always beneficial for the team.

5. Be Willing to Learn and Unlearn

You must learn and unlearn. Some marketers who are unwilling to un-learn may fall by the way side because most times they not taught the real world stuff like how to set up an email marketing campaign, how to write copy to bring in the moolah, and how to position a brand on social.

6.Experience Matters A lot

Understand you need a wealth of experience if you're without a bachelor's degree. This is because most hiring managers are probably going to hire a college graduate if they have two people with similar skill-set. So having experience will give you an edge.

7. Enroll in Digital Online Courses

There are several online courses that come with certification. You can land entry level jobs By having proof in form of a certificate.

8. Learn How to Interpret Data

As a marketer, you should know your figures, so while a four year degree is not a must, you better know how to write, manipulate and and interpret data, and learn how to communicate.

9. Hone Your Creative Skill

Be willing to improve daily. Get better at your craft. Write daily if you're a writer. Write copy and analyze copies daily. Test your copies. This is what will make you valuable. SlickMcFrick on Reddit recommends learning to write..According to Slick, communication and writing is one of the foundation of all good marketing.

10. Be willing to Intern

Be willing to intern if you have no experience. friends and small businesses around you. The essence is to build a portfolio of what you can do. You can use Upwork to build your portfolio.

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