Inside: The Simple, Amazon KDP Method That Took Me From Broke To Generating Over $49,999 In Sales

The Simple, Writing Without Writing Amazon KDP Formula that took me From a Broke Kid, Evicted by my Former Landlord because I could not Pay my  Rent to Generating over $49999 

Dear Friend,

Here's the story of Victor Ashley and how you can become like him.

"I make over $5000 a month. But it was not always so...Years back, I felt like a failure; scared shit of seeing my friends;

 I found it difficult eating twice a day."

Here's how I reclaimed my status. All the while making over 6 figures income and making over 100 students 6 figures earners using the WWWF method.

Before I discovered this secret method -I suffered. I spent tons of hours on the internet doing all the research I could do.

I watched 100's of videos on YouTube, but I freaking failed.

I bought 10s of courses and still I failed to find success.

At a point I felt a cloud of doom hover over me.

I was depressed. You know that feeling of ending it all? I felt like I was in a lion's cage. No means of escape.

When I had a breather, I will attend webinars to see if I could hit a winner.

But every breather I got from trying to implement the new teaching lead to  monumental failure.

I was dead tired. And I took my destiny in my hands.

I said to hell to the gooroos teaching.

I became a guinea pig.

I put on my Tesla hat.

I became obsessed with focus.

I blocked my ear to all the fake stories. I tossed MMM, Twikas, even network marketing out of the window.

And so I tested everything myself.

As I tested I my eyes opened.

A stream of patterns emerged. I found out why some people succeeded and why others failed in their Amazon KDP business.

I discovered most writers uploaded their books on the platform with no serious research.

Without finding out the exact books that people were rushing to buy daily.

And so what happened? 

They experienced cricket sales.

Perhaps this is your story, dear friend

I, however, promise that if you read the following words in their entirety...

I am confident your life will change for good.

Because inside this letter, I am going to share with you the best Amazon KDP writing system ever created.

It's a system I have been using for over 3 years now.

I am so confident with this system which earned me my first $1000 dollars.

And since then...

I have taught this exact method to my students, netting them over $500000 in book sales.

So what is this system?

It's a simple WWWF method that eliminates any form of guesswork in publishing successful books on Amazon.

It gives you access to the techniques and tools to produce in demand books in less time.


Just like jollof rice recipe  The WWWF METHOD is so easy to follow that the result is money if you implement it to the later.

So  whether you're are a beginner, an intermediate writer or an expert writer, this course is a game-changer.

And while this method has been a game-changer and makes money for people on Amazon.

Only a handful of people have access to this mind-blowing secret.

A lot of our students have made thousands of dollars in royalties  after taking action. 


Made over $6,000 by implementing what he learnt from us 🔥🔥🔥


Made over $5,000 payment 🔥🔥🔥 just by following simple instructions…


Made and got paid over $5,300 🔥🔥🔥 in June

Dotun Olagbaju

Made over $2,500 🔥🔥🔥 in his first month of implementing what he learnt from us…

You dont have to be a writer to achieve this

It was so good that I wanted it hidden and locked in the secret vault for ever.

But I thought about the story of the talent.

And the suffering masses, I thought about the massive debt burden that has caused massive inflation. Being compassionate, I handed access of  blueprint to more people.

Currently, I have 979 successful student who are currently using the WWWF method.

If we look at how much these students are banking over #600,000 I can comfortably sell this system at over a 100000, my American friends sell theirs for over $300 that's at over 200000k for this amazing course but you'll be getting it for a fraction of the cost.

Seriously, It took me a long time before I shared this System with you.

In fact I am scared that some of my inner circle members may not be happy I am releasing this secret.

Which, if I am sure that they are angry,


So in your best interest, take hold of this opportunity while you can still have access.




So Heres how to move from zero to earning Ten's of thousand of Dollars

As I mentioned, I am Victor Ashley Azubuike.

People consider me to be the no 1 Amazon Kindle Publisher Teacher in the whole of Africa.

I have trained more Amazon five figure earners than any other Amazon teacher. The others learnt from me.

I and my students have pulled in over 1 million dollars in revenue.

In fact, at the time of writing this

*I have made over 100,000 dollars from Amazon...

*10's of my students have made over 50000 dollars in the last one year...

*Over 20 of my students are pulling figures over $2000 monthly..

And that's how we have grossed over 1 million dollars.

And we are on track to pull in over 2 million in sales.

Now if you look at these figures, they look unattainable.

Your mind is telling you I can't achieve this. You feel I haven't made 10000 online. How can I then be in this class of people?

Argh! I have been there.

All the limiting belief: 

I am not good enough..

I am not smart enough...

I am too old...

I will never be successful...

To be frank, the human brain is wired to conserve energy. We want certainty and we don't want to jump out of our comfort zone and so we don't believe we would succeed.. You say I don't have the skills.As a result; we sabotage our very success. We give up before we even start.

It doesn't have to be so.

With focus and belief, you will succeed because we have broken the course down into tiny bits you can follow in sequence.. like adding one ingredient after another from a cooking recipe. The result is money in the bank.

Just Three years ago I was living in a self contain, the face  me I face you kind.

You can see life was telling on me.

My neighbours were rude, disgusting and in order to avoid getting into trouble, I stayed inside most of the time. 

Whenever it flooded, I had to scoop water out of my room.

I know. That's crazy.

Amid this, I was enthusiastic. I had hope that even if this online stuff doesn't work out, I will get a better job.

However, the job never came and 

on 25th June 2016 my wall came crashing.

"Pack Out! You are a worthless Guy"

That's the news that broke the camel's back.

It was at this deadend I pushed back.

And said no to failure.

An Unbelievable thing Happened to Me

Once I picked up my focused hat. 

 I ran the test and earned my  first $140 day.

I felt a huge load come off my shoulder.

A part of me said this is a fluke..

The next Sunday I checked my account balance

Boom,  I discovered I had made another $240...

Gush! Then I realized this stuff is real.

So I Quit My Job and became an Amazon Kindle Writer.

It was at this point I helped a few others. 

After replicating my success month after month, my confidence grew and I took the bull by the horn.

I began documenting all my processes.

  • The Thing I Discovered was that Virtually My Most Successful Books on Amazon came because of applying a Specific Technique.

  • And this specific technique comprises a series of steps.

  • And the beautiful thing is that completing a particular step brings you closer to your Amazon goal.

This series of steps includes:

  • Understanding The business of Amazon KDP
  • How to protect your Amazon Account
  • Steps to create the account
  • How to do mindgasmic niche research

And so much more

While understanding the business model of Amazon KDP is important, far more important is knowing how to undergo niche research.

If you have no idea what niche research is...

Here's how I define it:

Amazon Niche research simply means identifying a pocket of Amazon Keyword Search Traffic and based on the curated information marshal out techniques to become the top dog in that market through the appropriate keyword ranking strategies. 

 It involves you finding a market that is underserved and where you can easily provide them with high-quality product, information, books that solve their problem.

Niche implies a smaller part of a broad market that focuses specifically on particular demographics, common interests, locations, or problems among the consumers. Think of it to be a submarket. For example, if we look at electronics, then a niche there would be portable mobile chargers or wireless earphones and so on.

It might look easy...

But Finding the right Amazon KDP niche to get in to is the holy grail..

Failing to do this is the number one reason people abandon Amazon KDP...

I'll explain why later

But the point is that...

Implementing my secret recipe to the later changed not only my story but those of my friends.

Knowing that I had the ability to print cash on autopilot built my confidence level.

How The Hell Do You Crank Money Wining E-Books Every Single Day?

And more 

How do structure it so that others can go out there and replicate the same success?

That up is one helluva of a challenge: But you know even rock when subjected to water consistently wears off.

And you can bet it took quite some time.

I had to figure out a method ...

How to piece together the steps like you would a puzzle.

So I asked myself,

What is the first step to Pull this Off again and again and again ?



In research, you need to understand the mind of your buyers.

To do this, you have to know how they act, think, feel. If not, you'll end up putting together a book that the buyer doesn't need.

The beautiful thing about proper research is you get to find out the solution that already exists. Armed with this info, you can then provide a better solution or unique solution to the reader's problem.

How do You Find answers to the question your readers are asking?

Amazon and Forums

The best way to use Amazon for research…

Is to search for products in this case books that do what your book hopes to achieve.

Search for books with lots of reviews. Focus on reviews with four stars and two stars. The reviews are more realistic.

You can still look at 5 stars and 1 star reviews, but I prefer 4 and 2 star reviews.

These reviews give you a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't.

So What do you Get Inside the Write Without Writing Amazon KDP Method?

As you now know, WWWF simply means Write Without Writing Method

And inside the WWWF method, you will gain access to a step-by-step guide that:

walks you through the steps to create an Amazon KDP Account from start to finish.

Shows you how to publish an unlimited number of books on Amazon, track sales, and be paid.

You can't sell your contents or tiny word documents on Amazon without this account...

($210 Value)

The Powerful Components that Makes Up the WWWF Method.

Module #1: Amazon Creation

This module walks you through the steps to create an Amazon KDP account.

This step motivates you to achieve your dreams. By completing this step you feel a change inside of you. And know that your goals and dreams are legitimate and achievable.

Module 2:Kindle and Paperback Publishing Secrets

Inside this module you learn the secrets of Kindle and Paper back Publishing secret.

In this video, you will watch:

How best to price your book- Our pricing techniques is simple but mind blowing.

Why should a book be priced $7.99 dollars as against $10?

what's the psychology behind the right pricing?

What steps do you have to consider before changing your pricing model?

This and much more you learn in our pricing secrets.

This module also unveils the 

best way to format your book that Amazon has no reason not to approve your books.

Next, you will learn:

Module 3: The book Description Secret:

This video shows how to write powerful book description that puts money into your account. 

The best part of this module...

 is not just that you are watching how you should write this description...

We are also breaking down why writing your book description this way puts money in your pocket..

In fact you can repeat this method in every book description you have to pen.

And you are sure to land a winner.

 Module 4: The Best Seller Market Secret( Comprehensive training on the business side of Amazon)

Many people are unaware of the business side of KDP.

They believe it is only about uploading books...

LOL… It's no surprise that they're constantly struggling to make money from this goldmine.

In this module, you will learn a  secret way to enter the best seller market for your research. You can’t find this even on amazon site.

For the uninitiated: you get The Amazon Best Seller Badge if you sell the most book within an hour. The bestsellers are updated hourly (with a delay of an hour), which means the badge is up for grabs 24 times a day.

Inside you get to watch a sneaky way to break into the bestseller category and make massive sale

Module 5: Book Research Secrets

This is the foundation. With this your foundation will be unshakeable and your success is sure.

With my best seller book research secrets you can create books with high predictability of selling from the first day.

With my book research method, I have become a multiple Best Selling author on Amazon as I get recognized almost every week as a best seller on Amazon.

($135 Value)

At this point I can bet anyone who gets this course will literally swear it over delivers.

Because, it is the most comprehensive course on Amazon KDP  in the market. Not only that it is self-explanatory

And simple to implement, such that if you get inside this program you will be able to churn out your own book within 48 hours of putting in the work.

At this point I should call it a day on this course, but because of love, you will not only get this gem.

You will also get:

This 5 Eye-stopping Bonus You'll Ever See

I say eye-stopping because individually each of these bonus can go fo 20k + for each but you're getting them for free.

Bonus #1:Bestseller Toolkit that contains  5+ of my secrets tools

When you have this toolkit, you’ll be able to do Amazon Market Research fast and create bestselling books with high level of predictability of selling.

With this toolkit, your success is already over 90%

You will have access to these softwares because I want you to truly succeed too.

($530 Value)

Bonus #2: Bestseller Checklist

This is one of the newest product on the block…

It is the shortest cut to hitting the best seller’s list (in the paid category) fast!

($130 Value)

Bonus #3: Access To Our Secret Facebook Group

This is where we guide you further until you have developed a strong footing to stand on your own.

In this group, you will also get to meet over 1500 business minded individuals from over 25 countries including top personalities in the online space like Emeka Nobis (The Don – Worital), Obinna Okeke, Nancy Chuks (Nana), Chinedu Paul (Value King), Gbenga Akinwole (Uncle Fenga), Moses Uche and a whole lots of BIG NAMES.

This is a proof that it is a place to be!!!

($1,250 Value)

Bonus #4: (LIVE TRAINING) How To Know Highly Profitable And Less Competitive Keywords To Scale Up Your Business.

In this training I will release a BEAST of a software you can use to get highly profitable and less competitive keywords.

This will save you from trial-and-error practice.

Bonus #5:How To Create Your USA Bank Account From Any Part Of The World

In this video training, you will learn how to create your USA Bank account to receive your Amazon KDP monthly royalties.

You can equally withdraw from this USA Bank account to your Nigerian bank account and get credited in less than 48 hours.

($105 VALUE)

Is This A Limited Time Offer?

Yes, you can bet!

So this is where I tell you to get this method while it is still online at this price.

So if tomorrow the website is pulled down, know we tried.

As you know, some of the existing members may not be happy more people are having access to this method just like those who were doing Dollar arbitrage got angry when  more people had access to the information..

So if this comes up, I cant promise closing the course wont happen.

You've Seen The Results And The Testimonies...

If you’re interested…

And you’re ready to build a successful and fail proof online business

That makes you enough money on a monthly basis…

So you’re not worrying needlessly about emergencies Or what could be if something unexpected happened to a loved one. . .

Click the Big BEAUTIFUL button below

And let’s get you started right away

See you inside,

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