About Me

According to Dr. Myles Munroe “Failure to do our best, to go beyond the expectation of others, to express ourselves fully, to live up to our true potential, to extend ourselves to limit of our abilities, to give it all we have, to satisfy our own conviction is called mediocrity”.

This is simply why I must strive every day; to be that which I ought to be.

So who am I?

I am Peter Kanayo, a shy boy born in the beautiful city of Lagos. As a child I had the initial desire of becoming an astronaut; but as with life, desire changes-old thought pattern give rise to new thought pattern, and childhood dreams become a tinkering past.

Despite this, my desire to affect the world positively through the instrumentation of science saw me graduate as a Biochemist.

But as with nature, new desire continue to avail and new opportunity arise. And it is with this desire and opportunity I find myself as a freelancer and blogger.

My desire being to share information that will change people’s life, and empower them to be that which they aspire to be-to seek for ways to send more offline business online. And to tell people that

“The discovery and use of talents, skill and abilities is far better than the acquisition of money”

Peter  is a freelancer and blogger with the huge desire to see people take their offline business online.  He is a writer with the bias for entrepreneurship, affiliate marketing and motivational writings.

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